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What Is The Difference Between CVS & DMS

Concorde Staff
Concorde Staff
Updated April 29, 2022. The information contained in this blog is current and accurate as of this date.
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Cardiovascular Sonographer Overview/ Job Duties

Cardiovascular Sonographers (CVS), also known as an Echocardiographers, Cardiac Sonographers, or a Cardiovascular Ultrasound Technologists, are trained to use imaging technology to help physicians diagnose heart problems in patients. Cardiac Sonographers capture images of the heart's chambers, valves and blood vessels to aid a cardiologist to diagnose and prepare treatment plans for patients with heart conditions, heart disease or congenital defects.

Concorde Career College's new Cardiovascular Sonography Associate Degree program provides you with the opportunity to practice both the key technical and soft skills that healthcare providers demand. Heart health and treatment begin with awareness. In less than two years, you could be ready to pursue a rewarding career in diagnostic medicine with a Cardiovascular Sonography degree from our school.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Program Overview/ Job Duties

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Associate Degree program teaches students the technical skills needed to be successful in the field of study, like performing diagnostic procedures and obtaining images, identifying abnormal pathology within the body, and oral or written summary of exams to doctors for diagnosis.

Performing an ultrasound is a non-invasive way to visualize internal organs often used first to detect for disease. Therefore, it is the ideal career for those interested in the healthcare field. Diagnostic medical sonographers have an important role in conducting and interpreting initial imaging tests to help narrow down a patient’s diagnosis and quickly get them the care they need.

What is the difference?

Cardiovascular Sonographers (CVS) focus more on the heart, while Diagnostic Medical Sonographers focus on general anatomy. These are two separate programs and Concorde Career College offers both programs. To learn more, check out the following links to see if our CVS or DMS are the right career education path for you.