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Diagnostic Programs

Cardiovascular Sonography | Diagnostic Medical Sonography | Medical Laboratory Technician | Neurodiagnostic Technology | Polysomnographic Technology | Radiologic Technology

Supporting quality Care is a Career that Matters

Concorde's Medical Diagnostic programs provide support to the health care industry as a whole, like Diagnostic Medical Sonographer who work with providers, specialists, and surgeons in all phases of procedures.  Medical Diagnostics covers careers in both Diagnostic and Medical Laboratories.

Concorde's Medical Diagnostic programs include:

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Cardiovascular Sonography
  • Polysomnographic Technology
  • Neurodiagnostic Technology
  • Radiologic Technology

Diagnostic Medicine Continues to be a Growing Field

Medical Diagnostic's is one of the faster growing sectors of health care. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national job demand for sonographers is projected to grow 10%, radiologic technicians by 6% between 2021-2031.**  Imaging technology and laboratories are becoming an more important tool to help diagnose blood clots, heart disease and other medical conditions are aging populations continue to grow.

Diagnostic medicine is becoming a part of preventive medical care. Physicians with their patients identify ways to promptly address emerging health concerns. Thanks to medical diagnostic procedures, many conditions and health risks are identified and treated early. Concorde's programs help prepare students to be a part of a proactive health care system.

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*Program length may be subject to change dependent on transfer credits and course load. Please refer to current course catalog for more information. Concorde does not guarantee admittance, graduation, subsequent employment or salary amount.

**Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics- healthcare occupational outlook handbook, the national projected job demand between 2021-2031 for diagnostic medical sonographers, and radiologic technicians Local job demand results and projections may vary. By providing this information, Concorde is not guaranteeing employment and is meant as resource for students considering their career options..

Registration and certification requirements for taking and passing these examinations are not controlled by Concorde, but by outside agencies, and are subject to change by the agency without notice. Therefore, Concorde cannot guarantee that graduates will be eligible to take these exams, at all or at any specific time, regardless of their eligibility status upon enrollment.

ᶛ Externships are a non-paid in-person learning experience, who's length and location may be subject to change. Concorde does not guarantee externship placement, graduation, post-externship employment or salary outcomes.

ᶛᶛClinical hour requirements and delivery may vary by campus location and may be subject to change. Concorde does not guarantee clinical site assignments based upon student preference or geographic convenience; nor do clinical experiences guarantee graduation, post-clinical employment or salary outcomes.

Professional certification is not a requirement for graduation, may not be a requirement for employment nor does it guarantee employment.

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