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Pharmacy Technician

Achieve a Diploma in as few as 7 months*

A Pharmacy Technician is a bridge between consumers and pharmacists, whether by assisting the pharmacist by filling prescription orders, entering patient information into a database, troubleshooting insurance claims, or assisting in other activities within the pharmacy.

Benefit Your Community Through Your Work

Using both theory and hands-on training, the Pharmacy Technician program at Concorde Career College prepares students to learn skills such as medication preparation, distribution and storage, medication orders and reviews, and drug-use review. Concorde offers the pharmacy technician program at our Tampa, Miramar, Dallas, and Orlando campuses.

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Do you see yourself assisting pharmacy consumers in a fast-paced work setting? Our school prepares students for a career as a Pharmacy Technician in this fast-growing field with trained facilities and educators who have years of practical experience working in healthcare. Our Pharmacy Technician training program students serve effectively in a consumer care role in a pharmacy setting in as few as 6 months. 

*Program length can vary by Location, see specific Campus Catalog for program length

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At Concorde, each Pharmacy Technician course prepares students to directly apply classroom knowledge to a work setting through a combination of theory and hands-on training experiences.


At our pharmacy technician schools, your coursework will include an emphasis on the following areas:

  • Medication preparation, distribution and storage
  • Prescriptions/medication orders and reviews
  • Drug-use review and pharmacy management
  • Pharmacy equipment and facilities maintenance
  • Collecting patient information

Career Outlook


Pharmacy Technician jobs are projected to grow at an as-fast-as-average rate of 4 percent*. The need for prescription medications continues to increase based on a number of factors. Find out more about what a career in pharmacy looks like.

*Source: 2019-2029


Pharmacy technicians are in demand in a number of work settings, including:

  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics



Financial Aid

Financial Aid

As part of our commitment to your success, Concorde ensures that you have access to comprehensive information and guidance in navigating the financial aid process. Concorde offers financial aid and scholarship programs to those who qualify.


Accreditation and Licensure

Accreditation and licensure are an important part of an academic institution’s operation. Visit our Accreditations and Licensure page for more details about our accreditations and licensure.

Additional Info


In order to graduate from the Pharmacy Technician (Diploma) program, students must successfully complete the following curriculum:

Memphis curriculum

In order to graduate from the Pharmacy Technician (Associate of Applied Science) program, students must successfully complete the following curriculum:

Memphis curriculum