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National Nurses Month: celebrating courage and compassion

Concorde Staff

Concorde Staff

Updated May 1, 2024. The information contained in this blog is current and accurate as of this date.
Two Concorde nursing students smiling wearing blue scrubs and stethoscopes

In May, we celebrate National Nurses Month, to honor an essential role in our communities—Nursing. We do so by exploring Nursing through stories from Concorde Alumni and Faculty.

Unforgettable Moments in Nursing

Throughout their careers, our Nursing Alumni and Faculty have experienced unforgettable moments that reveal dedication and passion for this profession.

Brett Patten, Nursing Instructor, Kansas City, Missouri Campus

Nursing goes beyond medical tasks; it's about making human connections that deeply impact the patient and the caregiver. Brett shared, "Helping a young man embrace life after an HIV diagnosis and educating him and his partner on how to overcome this hurdle affirmed my reasons for becoming a Nurse."

Dianne Gremillon, License Readiness Advisor, California Campus

Dianne reveals the emotional hurdles faced in Nursing, speaking to the heartbreak of losing a patient:

"Standing next to my 6'3" patient, he collapsed and despite our efforts, he did not survive. He was an 83-year-old Master Gardener. I was heartbroken and sought comfort from my Dad, who reminded me, 'Sometimes it's just God's timing. There's nothing more you could have done.' Little did I realize how much comfort my Dad's words would bring me at his untimely death a few years later. I was stunned and having a hard time accepting it when I remembered that moment when my Dad shared about God's timing."

This moment and her father's wise words show how Nurses often face loss.

Kimberly Casey, LVN, Concorde Alum, Garden Grove, California Campus

For Kimberly, a small gesture of gratitude from a patient served as a powerful reminder of the little things that can make a significant difference in a Nurse's demanding routine.

She shared, "I will never forget how a patient gave me a Hawaiian flower clip to wear for a day because she said that it would brighten my day and Nurses need small gestures in order to do that."

Tiffany Harris, LVN, Concorde Alum, Grand Prairie, Texas Campus

With Tiffany, we’re reminded that Nurse training teaches the importance of teamwork and being adaptable, lessons worth carrying throughout one's career.

"My first offsite clinical experience was unforgettable—it was both scary and exciting. I had the opportunity to engage with a G-tube and assist in the Psych unit. Having never worked in a Nursing setting before, seeing the faces of my peers—filled with fear, yet breaking through barriers—was incredibly rewarding. We learned together."

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Challenges Faced in Nursing

The Nursing journey is not easy; it's filled with hurdles that test character and promote growth. Nurses step up, even when they feel the emotional weight of caring for others or working hard through long shifts.

Kirby Morales-Mauro, Corrections Nurse, Concorde Alum, Aurora, Colorado Campus

Launching her career as a Corrections Nurse, Kirby tackled the challenge of uncertainty.

Kirby shared, "I was nervous about starting my first Nursing job as a Corrections Nurse in the El Paso County Jail. I only did orientation for three shifts before being put on a med pass by myself, delivering medications to inmates in all the pods in the facility. This was probably my biggest challenge because I was unsure if I was ready."

She continued, "Whenever I get called to a code blue, thoughts constantly run through my mind: what if I don't know how to save this person's life? What if I am walking into a situation I have never seen before? Then I remember that I have been wrong every time I have doubted myself. Concorde set me up for success and I am ready for anything. I may not know everything, but I know what I need to apply to almost any scenario that comes my way."

Dianne Gremillon's Biggest Challenge: Late to Leading the Way

Dianne's journey from always being late to now arriving early reveals the transformative power of responsibility.

She shared, "One of the biggest challenges I faced in the early years of my Nursing career was getting to work on time. I ran like lightning from my car to the time clock three blocks away. I overcame this by starting a business. I cared about leaving a great first impression when I was in charge."

"Now, whether I'm working in my own business, or with Concorde, I arrive an hour early on the first day to set the room up, to pray over the empty seats, etc. I arrive 30 minutes early on subsequent days, so I'm there to greet my students with a smile of warmth and encouragement. Some may think someone struggling with being on time should not be in charge of anything. I think the opposite. Place them in charge; then they will step up to the plate," Dianne said.

Dianne's story shows how challenges can become steppingstones to improvement. Now, she uses the power of time to create welcoming and nurturing spaces for her students.

Worthy of Continual Celebration

These stories reveal how Nurses make a difference even while they're tested emotionally, mentally and physically. During a patient's most vulnerable moment, they offer expertise, care and comfort.

As we celebrate Nurses Month, let us honor the dedication of all Nurses who have chosen this meaningful path to serve others. To all the incredible Nurses out there - thank you for your unwavering commitment and daily sacrifices! Keep shining bright and inspiring those around you.

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