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The history and celebration of Dental Assistants Recognition Week

Concorde Staff

Concorde Staff

Updated March 8, 2024. The information contained in this blog is current and accurate as of this date.
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A dental practice would have a tough time running without its dental assistants. After all, dental assistants are responsible for many often-overlooked tasks that contribute to a well-coordinated, smoothly run operation. Aside from helping with direct patient care during procedures, dental assistants also handle behind-the-scenes tasks such as recordkeeping, appointment scheduling, patient instruction, billing and payments, and cleaning duties. They make the dentist's job easier, the dental practice more productive, and the patients more satisfied.

It's for these reasons that we observe Dental Assistants Recognition Week. Let's learn about the significance of this event and some of the ways people celebrate it.

What Is Dental Assistants Recognition Week?

Dental Assistant assists dentist during dental procedure.

One of the most important responsibilities of a dental assistant is to support the dentist during an operation or routine procedure.

Dental Assistants Recognition Week — also known as DARW, Dental Assistants Appreciation Week, or Dental Assistant Week — is a weeklong North American observance that formally acknowledges the important role that dental assistants play in the health care ecosystem. It takes place annually in the first full week of March and follows a theme each year. In 2023, the theme was “The Heart of Dental Offices Through Education, Commitment & Safety.” The 2024 theme is "100 Years Supporting Oral Health," which specifically honors the profession's long history.

The history in question began in 1924 with the first national convention of dental assistants. The following year saw the founding of the American Dental Assistants Association, which is not only the oldest extant professional organization devoted to dental assisting but also the largest. The ADAA was the organization that founded Dental Assistants Recognition Week in 1977, and today, it continues to promote the observance via press kits, graphic design products, and various other resources. 

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How Is Dental Assistants Recognition Week Celebrated?

Dental Assistant

Dental assistants communicate with patients and help them feel at ease, an important function that can greatly facilitate dental procedures.

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People in the United States and Canada celebrate Dental Assistants Recognition Week with various acts, gifts, and provisions. Whether you employ, know, or aspire to be a dental assistant, you can honor the profession and its practitioners in the following ways:

Take to Social Media

The ADAA encourages people to use social media to promote Dental Assistants Recognition Week to a wide audience. The ADAA's suggestions include:

  • Mentioning Dental Assistants Recognition Week in status updates or other posts.
  • Creating an event page for a specific Dental Assistants Recognition Week celebration.
  • Using a Dental Assistants Recognition Week hashtag (e.g., "DARW2024").
  • Giving shoutouts to the dental assistants in your life.

Write Handwritten Notes

Employers and friends of dental assistants can express their gratitude with a heartfelt handwritten note. The time and effort associated with writing a note by hand suggest a level of appreciation that digital media normally doesn't. 

Give Small Gifts

Along with your notes, you might include small gifts, such as gift cards or edible treats. If you have a particularly close relationship with a dental assistant, you could also book them a session at a self-care or wellness establishment, such as a spa or massage parlor. 

Treat the Staff to a Meal

Dental employers might want to treat their dental assistant staff to a free meal, preferably after the workday is over. A post-work dinner would allow the staff to take their time enjoying the food and drinks.

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