7 Top Health Apps You Need

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Choosing to pursue a health care degree with Concorde is probably one of the most responsible educational choices you will make. It also might be one of the most convenient ways to receive training if you work full time.

You can enroll in courses that will prepare you to work in a hospital, clinic, doctors’ office, residential care facility or other medical center. All certificate or associate programs only take 20 months or less to complete.

In addition to core courses, you also will become exposed to current mobile technology that improves patient care. While in class, you might even learn about these top health apps:

1. Medical ID – You can install this app on iPhone 4s or newer devices. It includes an emergency button that EMT workers can tap and hold when they arrive on the scene. This iOS app also has room for recording patient medical conditions, allergies, emergency contacts, blood type and other vital information.

2. Voice-Activated 911 – This allows you to make a 911 call by using your voice to command your iPhone to dial for help. It has already saved people trapped under heavy trucks. It was also used to send rescue for people with broken ribs, concussions and other health problems. This iOS app connects with Siri to fulfill the command.

3. HealthTap – 110,000  top doctors who are knowledgeable in 137 specialties have contributed to its success. This iOS and Android app offers doctor referrals and extensive health tips. It also has received rave reviews by CNN, CBS, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and other publications.

4. ShopWell – It will take the work out of choosing foods that are right for your age, gender, health goals and allergies. ShopWell (available on iOS and Android) will also help you choose foods that are lower in fat, sodium, calories, sugar, carbohydrates, etc. You just create a personal profile with it, and it will show you food scores as you scan grocery barcodes.

5. MapMyFitness – Since 2007, this iOS and Android app has provided an extremely user-friendly interface for tracking fitness activities. Your friends can join you, and you can challenge one another to keep your goals. It even lets you know when you need to buy new running shoes and records your outdoor activities and nutrition intake.

6. MedScape – Developed by WebMD, this iOS app provides instant information access about 3,500 illnesses and conditions. It also provides education on specific prescription drug side effects, counter indications and more. This does not replace professional medical advice, but it could help in a pinch.

7. FitStar Personal Trainer – Former NFL star Tony Gonzalez created this iOS app. It asks questions at the end of every workout in order to plan future sessions. This ensures your exercise is challenging enough, yet it will not strain you.

The above list of apps is selected based on popularity and potential usefulness. These applications also are selected as some of the best because of how well they work.

They are less likely to have major bugs unlike some newer ones that have not been thoroughly tested. You also can learn more about each application from user reviews.

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