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Celebrate National Medical Assistant Week

Medical assistants are some of the medical profession's hardest-working and most vital employees. Every year, their contributions to the field are honored during Medical Assistants Recognition Week (MARWeek), which takes place during the third week of October. MARWeek is observed at Concorde Career College, as well as among the many hospitals and clinics that employ Concorde grads.

Observance of the week differs from one workplace to the next, but in general, medical assistants can expect to see their hard work rewarded by grateful physicians, nurses and other medical employees, many of whom would struggle to offer the appropriate level of care without the help of their valued medical assistants.


No two days on the job are exactly the same for a medical assistant, who may be called upon to fulfill a variety of clinic or hospital functions. Sometimes referred to generalists due to the wide array of jobs they carry out, medical assistants answer the phone, greet patients and act as a trusted liaison between the physician and the patient. Additionally, medical assistants are often asked to perform basic exams and inform physicians of any patient issues that may require further examination.

This necessitates both a good eye for symptoms and a thorough understanding of health management. In a gratitude feature from the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) a thankful physician referred to her favorite medical assistant as a ninja and a true superhero equipped with exceptional powers of observation. Although day-to-day tasks may vary greatly, it is always the medical assistant's goal to keep his or her clinic or hospital running smoothly -- and to keep patients informed so as to promote greater health and wellbeing while they are away from the clinic.


Physicians and patients are very grateful for the hard work of medical assistants, as they make abundantly clear during MARWeek. According to AAMA, this special week often includes letters of recognition for medical assistants, as well as exclusive training sessions, bonuses and office newsletter dedications.

A career in medical assisting is rewarding in and of itself, but medical assistants and students in the medical assistant program at Concorde Career College also appreciate the recognition they receive during the third week of October. Honor the medical assistants in your life -- and let them know that their efforts really do make a difference!

Let Concorde give you a reason to celebrate this month. Call us today to get your career in Medical Assisting started.