Attack the New Year with Renewed Vigor: Tips from the Concorde Faculty


You already know that your path to a fulfilling career in the dynamic world of health care requires effort, commitment, and probably some short-term sacrifice. With the holidays in full swing, we asked our instructors to offer students some advice on how to succeed, both while at Concorde and then when you get out there and start making your compassionate mark. Enjoy these gifts of wisdom and experience that your dedicated instructors have wrapped up for you:

  • Always present yourself as the self-confident and capable professional that you are.
  • Realize that health care is a sacred field - more than just a job or a paycheck. Always remember that the things you do, or don't do, have the power to change a person's life. Understand the privilege and power you wield when a patient puts their complete trust, as well as their life, in your hands.
  • Stay aware of the under-served and be an advocate for the less fortunate, helping to increase your community's awareness of those in need.
  • Remember it's OK to say: "I am not sure about that but I know how to look it up and find out." Health care is a massive field that is constantly changing; no one can ever know everything. But you can be successful if you learn how to research and look up what you need to know.
  • Always maintain your desire for further education.
  • Keep your eye on the long-term prize for all of your hard work now: A secure future for yourself and your loved ones that can include home, nice cars, a college fund for your kids, and financial stability that was not possible before.
  • Build strong rapport with patients and co-workers; practice effective communication with everyone with whom you come in contact.
  • Although teachers play a large role in the success of our students, it is ultimately your hard work and dedication that makes success possible. Be responsible for your own issues, embrace your own learning style, and keep communication with all members of your family and team open, knowing that challenges and bumps will occur and will be handled.
  • Realize the importance of being a caring, informative, competent, ethical, and empathetic health care provider with a thirst for lifelong learning and a dedication to community service. When you leave Concorde, take with you the school's values of teamwork, respect for the individual, integrity, customer service and achievement.
As we approach 2016, make a New Year's resolution to hold these seed thoughts from your inspiring instructors close:
  • "There is great joy and accomplishment in learning new skills, no matter how small they are."
  • "The challenge and the fun are often in the journey."
  • "One day of success can build toward many days of success until each cohort is at an end, boards are passed, employment is gained and beyond."
If you've been considering a rewarding career in health care, we have more than 20 programs that provide educational and vocational training for many of the fastest growing career fields. And we have fantastic faculty! Contact one of our career counselors to get started on your future today.
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