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Concorde provides Dental Hygiene Clinics to Public at Select Locations

Concorde Staff
Concorde Staff
Updated April 9, 2018. The information contained in this blog is current and accurate as of this date.
Concorde Career College Dental Assistant student suctioning mouth up close

Did you know that many of Concorde Career Colleges campuses offer health care services to their communities?

Many of our campuses offer low-cost services to local residents. One of the more popular services offered is our Dental Hygiene Clinic, available at eight of our campus locations nationwide.

Dental Hygiene Clinic Locations

There are three campuses in California that have a Dental Hygiene Clinic: San Bernardino, San Diego, and Garden Grove. Dallas and San Antonino have facilities, as do Aurora, CO, Kansas City and Memphis.

At these clinics, student perform a variety of services under the close supervision of a dentist and instructors. Most clinics accept walk-ins, depending on student availability, but appointments are preferred to help make sure there are enough students scheduled.

Hours vary by campus and term, so call to learn more about what your local campus and/or clinic has to offer or schedule an appointment.

What Services are Offered

Along with getting your teeth cleaned, many clinics also offer digital X-rays, bite guards, bleaching trays and dental sealants.

"Our campus has a 12 operatory clinic for patient treatments, with 4 separate operatories for radiographs (x-rays)" says Marla Dunlap, Dental Hygiene Program director at Concorde - Memphis. "The clinic offers digital radiographic imaging and all preventive services, has a private waiting area and reserved parking."

However, if a patient has a medical or dental condition that warrants further consultation with their physician/dentist, any treatment at the Dental Hygiene clinic may be delayed until all the proper info is obtained.

Students in the clinic aren't able to perform dental emergency procedures, extractions or braces removal. However, per a new California law, students at applicable locations may be able to provide interim temporary restorations.

These services can be so beneficial to the community and the students in the program. "Depending on the term, the students see anywhere from 12 to 48 patients a day at the clinic," Dunlap says.

"[For our particular clinic] The cost is 30.00 and we offer free vouchers for cleanings when we go to health fairs or host events on campus. We treat patients age four and up and all they have to do is call to make an appointment."

Some Dental Hygiene Clinics have special deals or offer free/reduced prices for Veterans who bring a valid military ID and their immediate family.

Helping the Community

At Concorde, we think it's important that we give back to the community and do our best to provide services to the surrounding area around our campus making them better off. If you would like to learn more about all of our community services or are interested in becoming a Dental Hygienist, reach out to our Admissions team today!