Turning a Temp Job Into a Full-Time Gig

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There are many different methods to go about trying to land that health care career of your dreams these days. One is to work with a temp agency or a service that places workers in temporary jobs.

Temp agencies can have negative and positive connotations, according to Matthew Thomas, Graduate Employment Specialist at Concordes campus in Aurora, Colo. It all depends on how you use them to get to your desired health care career.

The negative aspect, Thomas said, occurs when you become complacent with temp jobs, because if they're performed for too long a time, it can be difficult to progress in a career. However, there are many benefits as well. One is gaining experience and gaining confidence in your expertise. It also can help get exposure to various types of office environments and dynamics which can help you learn how to fit in "the real world."

Temp jobs also can allow you to show off your skills to a prospective employer. If you do a great job as a temp, they might want to offer a full-time job. It also provides great opportunities for networking within a company.

"Temp to full-time is another great way to diversify your job search and land yourself some employment," Thomas said.

Tips on how to go from temp employee to landing that health care career

Elizabeth Cuevas, Graduate Employment Specialist at Concorde - San Diego, said she often is asked by employers if her graduates would be willing to take a temporary position.

"My answer is always, of course," Cuevas said. "Temporary positions are great for getting a foot in the door with any organization."

Cuevas said this especially is true for new graduates that don't have any paid work experience in their health care career. It can add valuable experience to a resume that makes you more attractive for full-time employment.

Some tips Cuevas had for turning a temp job into a full-time gig include:

  • Go above and beyond. Show how amazing you are. Treat the position as though it was a long job interview. This is an opportunity to expand your skillsets which makes you more valuable to an employer.
  • Be flexible. If you're asked to do something out of your area of expertise, do it. It lets a company know how much you are interested in working for them.
  • If you have done a great job of putting your best foot forward, people in power positions will be inclined to hire you.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for the job. However, first, ask for feedback on your performance as a temp. You don't want to approach an employer about a full-time job if you've done a poor job as a temp.

Natalia Ragnoli, Graduate Employment Specialist at Concordes campus in Miramar, Fla., added that being a team player can also go a long way toward attracting a prospective employer and convincing them to hire you full-time.

"Sometimes, a temp job is temporary because the need for the position is short term or seasonal," Ragnoli said. "However, you can give your best to change this reality by making yourself an attractive permanent hire."

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