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45 Nursing Blogs to Keep you Informed, Entertained and In-the-Know

Concorde Staff
Concorde Staff
Updated October 23, 2014. The information contained in this blog is current and accurate as of this date.
45 Nursing Blogs

Whether you're a nursing student or an experienced nurse, you know the job prospects for registered nurses are expected to be good, with an estimated 19% growth rate from 2012 through 2022 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It should be no surprise, then, that there are many hundreds of nursing voices in the blogosphere. Below is a list of 45 nursing blogs with something to offer both nursing students and nurses in a wide range of categories, including nurse practitioners, education, college, students, publications, humor, travel nurses, and more.

45 nursing blogs worth reading

45. Donna Cardillo-This blog by a nurse and multi-book author Donna Cardillo is meant both as an inspiration to other nurses in their careers as well as a resource for developing writing talents. Recent topics include using writing as a tool for improving your wellbeing, avoiding burning out as a caregiver, and being supportive of people with serious illnesses.

44. Confident Voices in Healthcare-This is the blog of a nurse who is a consultant, leadership coach, and workshop facilitator. Recent topics include how lack of communication in hospitals endangers patients, being proud of being a nurse (with a YouTube video), and the flaws in care coordination at hospitals.

43. Minding the Bedside-Jerome, RN and author/speaker, blogs about how meditation can benefit nurses. The posts supplement his Minding the Bedside book. Recent topics include using meditation to transform the patient experience, nursing as a practice of meditation, and thriving in the demanding profession of nursing.

42. RTConnections Nurse Blog-This blog is by a doctor who is an experienced nursing educator and author of the book 'Do No Harm' Applies to Nurses Too! Recent topics include dealing with "jerk" co-workers, nurse bullying, and tips on things all nurses should know about patients.

41. Travel Nursing Advice-This is a blog for a travel nursing job site and covers general travel nursing advice. Recent topics include checking the details of a travel nursing job contract, the qualifications for travel nursing, and switching specialties while travel nursing.

40. Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose-This is a blog from a nurse practitioner who is also an author. Recent topics include living with someone suffering from mental illness, preparing healthier snacks for kids returning to school, and frequently asked questions about menopause.

39. Travel Nursing News and Blog | Fastaff Travel Nursing-This blog from a travel nurse staffing firm covers tips about travel nursing and general career issues. Recent topics include staying heart-healthy while traveling, classic nurse sayings, and the disappearance of the nursing cap.

38. Correctional Nurse-This is the blog of nurse Lorry Schoenly, who also co-authors the Essentials of Correctional Nursing blog. Recent topics include reflecting on medication errors at prisons, the different types of roles of correctional nurses, and patient safety.

37. The Official Travel Nursing Blog-This travel-related blog focuses on tips and reflections on successful travel nursing careers. Recent topics include the travel nursing market in Florida, being more marketable by learning employee health records/electronic medical records software systems, and the increasing number of people choosing nursing as a second career.

36. | Progressive Views From a Nurse and a Social Worker-This long-running, healthcare-related news blog from a nurse and social worker (also author of Cooking for Emotional Wellness) is slanted toward Rhode Island. Recent topics include a look at the three contenders for governor, a review of the No-Nonsense Bone Health Guidebook, and a lesson for nonprofits from the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign.

35. Blog | nurse-written blog accompanies a site that details nursing education options. Recent topics include preparing for nurse practitioner school, dealing with student loan debt as a nurse practitioner, and tips on balancing work and life.

34. Nursing Blog | Nursing@Simmons-This is the blog of Simmons School of Nursing and Health Sciences, covering school-specific news and general nursing-related issues. Recent topics include an explanation of "RN to BSN" programs, time-management tips for nurses, and an overview of the states where nurse practitioners can practice without physician supervision.

33. Dear Nurses-This long-running blog (since 2006) is a self-proclaimed "clinical resource for nurses" and supplements most posts with an illustration and often a more detailed reference elsewhere on the site. Recent topics include advancements in nursing, what ADPIE (assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation) is, and medical abbreviations in a clinical setting.

32. EDNurseasauras--Still in the Trenches-This is the blog of a veteran nurse with nearly 40 years of work in the ER who reflects on the "the antics of the sick and the stupid" as well as more personal matters. Recent topics include dealing with patients (or their loved ones) during meal time, reflecting on career changes, and being diplomatic with difficult patients.

31. ER Nurse Insanity: The Traveling Years-This blog from a travel nurse covers both the career and some of the non-nursing everyday aspects of life from a no-nonsense perspective. Recent topics include reflecting on how bad hospital software affects patients, enjoying some attractions in Denver, and the health-related outcome of improperly mixing beer and gravity. NSFW language.

30. What Should We Call Nursing-This blog takes a humorous look at nursing by pairing sound-bite text of a common situation with a cartoon, video, or animated gif from pop culture (movies, TV shows, and news).

29. Essentials of Correctional Nursing-This blog, which supplements the Essentials of Correctional Nursing book, covers issues related to the health care needs of men and women incarcerated in prison. Recent topics include improving the practice environment, minimizing liability, and treating patients who are going through alcohol withdrawal.

28. The Makings of a Nurse-This blog is by an oncology nurse, Nurse Teeny, who deals with her own chronic illness (migraines). Recent topics include dealing with migraines, a book review of The Emperor of All Maladies (A Biography of Cancer), and exploring nursing career options.

27. Not Nurse Ratched-This blog covers the nursing career in general and injects a dose of humor and cute animal pictures. Recent topics include tips for nursing students and new nurses, the right way to use social media if you're starting nursing school and keeping a nursing journal.

26. DiversityNursing Blog-This blog covers issues of nursing diversity, e.g., age, race, gender, origin, sexual orientation, and disability. Recent topics include donating sick days to an ill co-worker, adding station wagons to the first-responder vehicle mix, and a respiratory virus affecting children in the Midwest.

25. Nursetopia-This blog from an oncology nurse covers business, nurse confessions, and general nursing issues while offering freebies, giveaway contests, and short inspirational posts. Recent topics include honoring great nurses and welcoming new nurses.

24. Nurse Practitioners in Business-This blog offers clinical practice-related business advice from a nurse practitioner. Recent posts cover tips on starting a nurse practitioner business with low overhead, reasons why not to start a practice, and tips on attending conferences.

23. The Nursing Show | Online Radio TV Podcast | For Nurses by Nurses-This blog, which accompanies the Nursing Show Podcast series, covers health-related app reviews, new technology, and general health issues. Recent topics include the increased diabetes risk from one daily soda, creating an electronic nose, and how forensic nurses help sexual assault survivors.

22. My Strong Medicine-This is the blog of an acute-care nurse practitioner who is personally health-conscious, a former certified athletic trainer, a coach, a video blogger, and married to a nurse. Recent topics include dealing with insomnia and night shift hours, a revelation about becoming a nurse, and a reflection on CrossFit.

21. Health in 30-This is the blog of Barbara Ficarra, a medical blogger, broadcast journalist, and health educator. Recent topics include a list of social media influencers for healthcare, defining what is a medical emergency, and a review of the REFUEL book and eating plan for men.

20. Off the Charts | American Journal of Nursing Blog-This is the multi-author blog of the American Journal of Nursing, which covers the profession of nursing and healthcare in general. Recent topics include how music can soothe patients with dementia or mental illness, the apparent lack of nurses in nursing homes, and how one nurse dealt with an attacker while she was out running.

19. Nursing Jobs Blog-Nurses Insights at Nursing is a multi-author blog for, which covers general health-related issues. Recent topics include food labels and the important information they contain, the benefit of certain types of nuts during pregnancy, and identifying early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

18. Soliant Health--Healthcare Job Information-This is the blog of Soliant, a healthcare staffing company. Recent topics include the opportunities in home-based healthcare, an appropriate diet for night shift nurses, and whether virtual visits are more efficient.

17. NurseZone Blog: RN Talk-This multi-author blog covers nursing perspectives. Recent topics include choosing nursing as a second career and a team approach that uses nurse-midwives and physicians for child birthing.

16. ONS Connect Blog | ONS connect-Some recent topics covered by this multi-writer blog/news magazine from the Oncology Nursing Society include patient protection loss from the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), lifestyle and cancer, sun safety advocacy in schools, and interdisciplinary learning between nursing and medical students.

15. Marijke: Nurse Turned Writer-This is a blog from a nurse who now focuses on health and medical writing. Recent topics include the impact of the news of comedian Robin Williams's suicide, taking health articles shared in social media with a grain of salt, and the positive effect on the brain from doing crafts.

14. The Nursing Site Blog-This is another long-running blog (since 2007) that reflects on the positive impact of nurses on people's lives. Recent topics include hospital consumer satisfaction and the pressure it puts on staff members, applying common sense when using social media, and dealing with being an older nurse.

13. Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse-This blog covers ER-related issues. Recent topics include prepping for an incoming ER patient based on limited dispatch info from Medic Control, avoiding getting injured as a nurse, and keeping in mind that critical patients are human and not just a set of vital signs and lab results.

12. Head Nurse-This veteran nursing blog is currently in its 10th year. Recent topics include helping patients through hot summer days and difficult times, managing the policy politics and sometimes subsequent job interviews, and being direct and honest with patients about their diagnosis. NSFW language.

11. Digital Doorway-General reflections on nursing, coaching, and healthcare by a nurse and personal coach. Recent topics include using LinkedIn for nursing careers, having "soul," and understanding the metaphorical shoes that nurses wear.

10. ANS: Advances in Nursing Science Blog-Discussion blog for the Advances in Nursing Science journal. Recent topics include spirituality and social justice, literary views of health and global female identity, and social justice in nursing and healthcare.

9. Minority Nurse Blog | Minority Nurse-This blog of (part of Minority Nurse Magazine) focuses on offering resources for nurses from African American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, and Filipino communities in the United States. Recent topics include common illnesses among new nurses, how to weigh the perks in a new job decision, and dealing with dysfunctional co-workers.

8. ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses-This multi-author blog covers professional, career development, and other issues for nurses. Recent topics include an op-ed on whether nurses should have mandatory flu vaccines, the disconnect between nursing school and professional nursing, and whether social media has a place in healthcare.

7. Guarding the Nursing Profession-This blog covers nursing profession advocacy. Recent topics include dealing with substance abuse in patients, the positive effects of small acts of kindness by nurses, and empowering nurses.

6. Nurse on the Run-This blog covers general nursing and health-related issues. Recent topics include needing to deal with suicide as a symptom of a disease, transitioning from being a per-diem nurse to having a full-time, salaried job, and not being discouraged in the profession.

5. New to Nursing-This multi-author blog focuses on the nursing profession from nursing students and the recently graduated. Recent topics include job searches, how people view you when they know you just became a nurse, and how not to be compared with a doctor.

4. Nursing Informatics & Technology-This multi-author blog covers how technology relates to nursing. Recent topics include wearable technology, creating a culture of learning, and prioritizing health information technology.

3. Nursing: You Wanna Know What I Think?-This blog offers observations about the nursing profession from a veteran nurse. Recent topics include dealing with difficult bosses, the Affordable Care Act, and medical marijuana.

2. Infection Control & Patient Safety-This blog covers the prevention of infectious diseases and keeping patients safe. Recent topics include tick-borne Babesia, fist bumps as a hygienic alternative to handshakes, and reducing influenza spread by vaccinating healthcare providers.

1. Nursing Articles & Blog--School of Nursing-This blog is a collection of tips for the aspiring nurse, including interesting tidbits learned in nursing school, career outlooks, and reflections from registered nurses.