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Our Stories

Testimonials from Concorde Graduates

We love hearing from Concorde graduates! We love hearing their stories … of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles to attain a diploma or degree and a health care career, of doing something heroic in their field, aided by the training they received here. It reminds us daily of why it is we do what we do.

We encourage you to take a moment to read some of these stories. They’re diverse. They’re interesting. They’re dramatic. They’re inspiring. We know this, because they inspire us every day.


"Concorde gave me such a hands-on learning experience and it prepared me for absolutely everything!"

"I felt so prepared when it was time for my externship and even after my time at Concorde."

"I enjoy working with patients, everybody has different things going on. I do like helping people."

"I knew Concorde was great the moment I walked in the door!"

"When you have people who support you, trust you, believe in your power, they push you forward."

"Concorde gave me the first stepping stone."

"They really care about you passing and succeeding in their classes."

"The administrative staff are very friendly to veterans, and they're really knowledgeable."

"Concorde provided a great foundation for students and I could start right away."

"Now I know the terminology, the medical field and am glad I went to Concorde."

"The people at Concorde have been my biggest cheerleaders!"

"At Concorde, they made sure you understood everything!"