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Respiratory Therapy Associate Degree Program

Jacksonville, FL

Learn to Help People BreathE Easier

As a Respiratory Therapist you can help those having issues breathing, whether it from a blocked passageway, intense asthma attack, or another life-threatening experience. Earn your Respiratory Therapy Associate degree in as few as 18-months.*

  • Gain skills to treat people with asthma, cystic fibrosis, emphysema and other conditions.
  • Curriculum prepares you for Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) exams from the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC).
  • Complete your associate degree program at our Jacksonville campus in as few as 18 months of study.*

Program Overview

Respiratory therapists (RTs) are unsung heroes of health care, providing support and treatment to patients with acute and long-term breathing problems.

As an RT, you’ll need to understand the anatomy and physiology of the lungs and heart, as well as various disorders and diseases which can affect them. You’ll need to understand therapies and interventions available for RTs and what clinical situations call for them. You’ll also need to offer patients a calm, caring professional they can rely on.

With Concorde in Jacksonville, you can learn all this and more in as few as 18 months.*

Take the Next Step Now

Think a career as a respiratory therapist could be a breath of fresh air? Contact Concorde in Jacksonville today to find out if our associate degree program is right for you!

*Program length may be subject to change dependent on transfer credits and course load. Please refer to current course catalog for more information. Concorde does not guarantee admittance, graduation, subsequent employment or salary amount.
**Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020-2030 projected job demand local job market demand may vary. 
Professional certification is not a requirement for graduation, may not be a requirement for employment nor does it guarantee employment. Registration and certification requirements for taking and passing these examinations are not controlled by Concorde, but by outside agencies, and are subject to change by the agency without notice. Therefore, Concorde cannot guarantee that graduates will be eligible to take these exams, at all or at any specific time, regardless of their eligibility status upon enrollment.
ᶛᶛClinical hour requirements and delivery may vary by campus location and may be subject to change. Concorde does not guarantee clinical site assignments based upon student preference or geographic convenience; nor do clinical experiences guarantee graduation, post-clinical employment or salary outcomes. 

18* Mo

Program Length


National Employment Demand (2020-2030)


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Clinical Hours

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Respiratory Therapy Curriculum

The respiratory therapy associate degree program teaches a combination of general knowledge, clinical knowledge and practical skills for treating patients with breathing disorders. Students also complete clinical rotations to apply knowledge and skills in real-world care settings.

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • General Psychology
  • Introduction to Applied Respiratory Therapeutics
  • Clinical Medicine

Career Outlook

Respiratory Therapist jobs are projected to grow nationally at a much-faster-than-average rate. The spread of respiratory infections caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is one factor driving national employment demand projections. Pre-pandemic the field was forecasted to grow based upon the increasing middle-age and elderly populations where increases in respiratory conditions such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia can increase the need for respiratory care. 

**Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020-2030 projected job demand Projections are national. Local job market demand may vary.

What are the possible career paths for a Respiratory Therapist?

Respiratory Therapy (RT) Infographic

Where can a respiratory therapist work?

Respiratory therapists are in demand in a variety of job settings, including:

  • Hospitals and clinical environments
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Pulmonary physicians’ offices and clinics
  • Home care companies
  • Rehabilitation hospitals

Financial Aid

As part of our commitment to your success, Concorde ensures that you have access to comprehensive information and guidance in navigating the financial aid process. Concorde offers financial aid and scholarship programs to those who qualify.


The Respiratory Therapy program (#200545) is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care ;

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