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Dental Hygiene (Associate of Applied Science)

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Dental Hygienists work with Dentists to help patients with their oral care. A hygienist’s day-to-day duties may involve cleaning teeth, examining patients for oral diseases, taking and developing x-rays, and providing other preventive dental care. Dental Hygienists generally work in dental offices.

Dental Hygiene (Associate Of Applied Science) Mission Statement

The Dental Hygiene program provides students with theoretical knowledge, technical skills, and professional attributes necessary to qualify for licensure as a Registered Dental Hygienist and entry-level employment as a Dental Hygienist. The program aims to guide students in developing professional commitment, community involvement, and continued research. Graduates will be eligible to sit for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination.

Learning Objectives / Instructional Outcomes

Dental Hygiene classes at Concorde Career College include general education courses covering mathematics, written, verbal and nonverbal communications; interpersonal skills; critical thinking; the sciences; and the humanities. Learning objectives prepare students through an array of skill sets with learning objectives that include extraoral and intraoral exams, periodontal and dental exams, patient history reviews, vital sign checks, and risk assessments. Program graduates will recognize, respect, and act with consideration for individual differences, values, preferences, and expressed needs.

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In order to graduate from the Dental Hygiene (Associate of Applied Science) program, students must successfully complete the following curriculum:

Memphis curriculum


Career Outlook


Dental Hygienists are licensed, professional oral clinicians and dental health educators who prevent and treat oral disease, promote and encourage preventive aspects of dental care, and assume responsibility for patient care in the dental office. They provide a variety of services to patients, including a comprehensive examination of the oral cavity, radiographs, prophylaxis, fluoride treatments, patient education, and preventive services. They are required to pass written and clinical examinations before they apply for licensure to practice. Dental Hygienists are integral members of the dental team who use their dental, clinical, and social sciences to aid individuals in achieving optimum oral health. Besides working in a private dental practice, Dental Hygienists also work as educators, administrators, and researchers.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

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