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Concorde Nursing Student Saves 3-year-old Boy from Drowning in Pool

Concorde Staff
Concorde Staff
Updated October 14, 2019. The information contained in this blog is current and accurate as of this date.

It's not every day we hear about a nursing student who saved someone's life, but that was the case back in May for a current student from Miramar. A South Flordia family had the scare of a lifetime when a young boy nearly drowned at an apartment pool.

Scary day for grandma

We got the following details from the report on ABC's local 10 News on May 29th, "Nursing student saves boy, 3, from drowning in Pembroke Pines pool"

Vivvente Brown, the boy's grandmother, said, "it was the worst moment of my life because it just took a second." Cameron Bryant, 3, spent six minutes underwater before he was found at the pool in an apartment complex near South Hiatus Road.

While Brown was grabbing a towel, she heard screaming and by the time she realized what was happening it was her grandson who wasn't breathing after being pulled from the pool. She tried performing CPR. It just so happened that Diana Delgado, a nursing student at Concorde's Miramar campus, was at the pool nearby.

"I heard the commotion and jumped into action. I was nervous, but I was ready," she said - putting her training to the test.

"I saw his grandmother attempting to do CPR and in my head, I was like, 'it's traumatic for her. I can't let her do that.' So I took over," said Delgado.

Cameron had no pulse as Delgado continued CPR until the first responders arrived. "He should have been dead or a vegetable. Braindead," Brown said.

"You would never think before finishing a nursing program, you would have to put your skills to work," Delgado shockingly said.

Once Brown realized that her grandson was going to be ok she said, "I'm grateful that I'll get a chance again, to go to the pool with him again. Next time, I'll have somebody else get the towel. I won't do it."

Good samaritans honored

The following details are from Miami Channel 7 news June 19 story "Good Samaritans honored in Pembroke Pines for saving 3-year-old from drowning."

In June, two of the good Samaritans were honored by the City of Pembroke Pines, Florida's City Hall for helping to save the boy's life.

The boy's cousins pulled him from the pool after he was found underwater. Two bystanders then rushed into action and performed CPR on the 3-year-old.

Delgado, one of the hero's who's training to be a nurse said, "Once I heard that he wasn't breathing, I just ran over, and I literally heard the teachers telling me everything to do in my head. Tilt his head, all the CPR stuff. I heard them talking to me the whole time. All of this appreciation and recognition, honestly, I feel like I don't deserve it because I did what I had to do to save a life."

"When I saw Diane, she's an angel, and she saved my son," the boy's mother said. "She didn't know my son, and she got in, and she helped him like he was her own, and she told me she would do it again, and I know she would. I thank her. I'm not really the type to be a hugger, but I will text her and let her know that she's just the world to me."

Brown said she hopes the recognition will inspire others who are studying nursing.

"She don't feel like it's for her, and it's not for her. It's for others," Brown said. "Everybody else that's watching to give them the courage because they may be questionable about going to school. I hope this will seal the deal, and she's everything to us."

The child has since made a full recovery, and the Memorial Regional Hospital and the American Heart Association said they are offering a CPR training program to anyone.

Want to become a Nurse?

Does this story have you thinking about becoming a nurse? Does the idea of being able to help save or improve a life excite you? Concorde offers several different nursing options and we'd be happy to talk to you about your options and if nursing is the right fit for you. Reach out to a campus near you today to find out more.

Maybe you could be the next to save a life!