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3 Ways We Help You With Student Loans

Concorde Staff
Concorde Staff
Updated June 22, 2016. The information contained in this blog is current and accurate as of this date.
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At Concorde, we're committed to helping both students and alumni any way we can to ensure a bright and rewarding future. One of the ways we do that is through our Student Loan Support Center (SLSC). The SLSC is dedicated to answering any questions Concorde students or alumni might have regarding any outstanding student loans and the repayment of those loans, whether its repayment plans, loan consolidation, or other strategies to help you get up-to-date and in good standing with your financial aid.

There are all sorts of ways the SLSC can help you. But, here are three of the most popular forms of assistance many alums often take advantage of when they've struggled with repaying loans.

Grace period

When taking out a federal student loan, students and graduates have six months to the date of leaving school or graduating to begin repayment of the loans.

The SLSC's assistance begins just weeks after a student graduates or leaves school.

"We start sending reminders to students who have federal student loans when they are a few weeks out of school until the end of their six-month grace period," said Peggy Mark, Default Prevention Supervisor at Concorde Career College's Campus Support Center. "We send a combination of different correspondences by email and mail."

The purpose of the correspondence, Mark said, "is to provide students with the resources on where to locate certain information about their loans and who they need to contact so they feel prepared when their federal student loans come into repayment."

"For example, students can view all their student loan information at," Mark said. "Students can also see who is servicing their federal loans, and if they need additional information regarding their servicer, they can view that from a website that can be located on the website."

Repayment process

The student loan support team is available to assist students to identify options, provide guidance and manage payment arrangements with their servicer. But Mark wants to stress that Student Loan Specialists never take any form of payment themselves.

"We contact students who are past due to explain their options because we want the students to be successful in repaying their loans with their servicer," Mark said. "We are available to assist them throughout their entire loan period. We provide students with additional resources and encourage them to read about different repayment plans, their options for forbearance/deferment and avoiding default."

"We want students to understand the benefits of staying up to date on their loans. It's important for them to know the consequences that can come from being past due or defaulting on the loan."

If a Concorde graduate is not working in the field they went to school for, we also assist them with referrals to graduate employment at Concorde, or if a student is thinking about re-entering school, we put them in touch with an admissions representative.

Default/rehabilitation process

If a student defaults on a federal student loan, the consequences can be severe. The SLSC reaches out to students in danger of default to educate them on the options they have to get the loans out of default.

Listed below are some links that students can use to help manage their federal student loans.

Concorde's Student Loan Support Center can be reached by calling or email at