Meet Concorde-Jacksonville Nursing Instructor, Carmeka Greene

Concorde - Jacksonville Nursing Instructor Carmeka Greene

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young." -Henry Ford

If Ford's logic is correct then Concorde - Jacksonville's Nursing Instructor, Carmeka Greene may live forever young.

Greene loves to learn as much as she loves to teach!

A Wellspring of Experience

She received her Master of Science with a concentration in Nursing Education from Regis University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Medical University of South Carolina, and Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the College of Charleston.

And is enrolled in Nova Southeastern Universities Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) with a concentration in Health Care Education program, in hopes of teaching at the graduate level.

With 15 years of nursing experience in the hospital setting, consisting mainly of adult health care, along with other various areas, and teaching at several other colleges, Greene was looking for a change.

"I was searching for a nursing school that was different and unique. I had seen the commercials on tv and my curiosity was piqued as to what Concorde was all about," she said. "So, I thought - What the heck! I should apply and see what happens. In fact, I had already interviewed for another local nursing school, but I was quite impressed when I drove from Atlanta to Jacksonville, FL for my interview. Having that face-to-face experience made all the difference in the world."

It's not about what, it's all about who

Now that she's here, helping students pursue their passion to become nursing health care professionals in months not years is her biggest joy.

"Every student hails from all walks of life. Getting to know them personally and professionally provides more than one perspective of them," she said. "They are not just names on a piece of paper. They are real people... Although they may have some struggles, personally and academically from term to term... I try to remind them that school is just practice for the real world. Try not to sweat the small stuff!"

"Every student that I've ever taught, whether it has been at Concorde or anywhere else, has told me that they're doing it for someone. Yes, the story may start out about themselves at first but if you listen closely enough, it is always for the benefit of someone else," she said, "Giving back, supporting loved ones, and paving a pathway for the future... that's what Concorde Career Institute is all about."


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“Concorde for me was life-changing.”

Becky of Kansas City, MO via

“I am eternally grateful to Dr. Lu-Ping Gamble at the Garden Grove campus. They not only lit a spark, they lit a torch in my heart that shall burn forever! My education changed my life and has had a huge positive impact on the person I am today.”

Jamie Troccoli
Vocational Nursing graduate