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Though Tracy Ebert didn't go to college until later in life, she said she always knew she wanted to work in health care. At some point, it only seemed natural for her to become a Medical Assistant. "I've been in health care my entire life really," said Ebert, a native and current resident of Indianapolis. "I took care of a lot of my family when I was growing up. I'd been an in-home provider, worked as a unit clerk." "The logical next step was to become a Medical Assistant."

Taking the step toward being a Medical Assistant mid-life

Ebert didn't get around to taking that next step until she was 50. She said she doesn't remember exactly how she heard about Concorde, but she contacted the campus in Kansas City, Mo., where she was living at the time and said the pieces all fell into place quickly and easily. "Once I got there and started talking to people, I just knew it was the right place for me to be," she said. "Everyone there was really nice and helpful and made me feel comfortable and at home." Everything went just as smoothly for Ebert once she got into the Medical Assistant program. She thrived in her classes and graduated in 2012. "I loved it," she said. "The teachers were all very helpful. It was all like a little family. With our little study groups, it was like a little class within a class." "I got along with all my teachers. I was able to work full-time and go to class. It was excellent." Ebert showed just how well she learned the Medical Assistant material she was taught in her Medical Assistant training in Kansas City by scoring 93 percent on her national licensing exam.

Getting help paying for her Medical Assistant program

A huge part of Ebert's positive Concorde experience, she said, was working with Concorde's Student Loan Department, specifically Nancye Calkins, Student Loan Specialist. Ebert was set up with a federal student loan which helped pay for her education, and a convenient payment plan was arranged so that Ebert could repay her loan relatively stress-free. "I got on a pay-as-you-earn plan," she said. "It makes repaying the loan a lot easier, and I'm happy to say I am now repaying my student loans." Calkins said Ebert was one of her favorite students she's worked with over the six years she's been an associate at Concorde. "I've enjoyed working with Tracy and giving her all the options (at repayment) that are available," Calkins said. "In the long run, the pay-as-you-earn plan helps her as a student of her age." "Tracy and I have been on a first-name basis for some time. I like to build a rapport with my students." *The image shown above is not that of Tracy Ebert.
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