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Dr. John E. Bell, a 1999 graduate of the Medical Assistant program at Concordes Memphis, Tenn. campus, is the definition of a renaissance man.

According to Mary Fry, Director of Student Affairs at Concorde - Memphis and a program director and instructor to Bell at the time, Bell enrolled at Concorde in '98 with a plan already in place to succeed and move on to medical school. And that's just what he did. He already had earned a bachelor of science degree in biology in 1996, graduating Magna Cum Laude. He also studied medicine at Ross University for a year. Bell traveled to the Dominican Republic and studied there for a year.

After earning his Medical Assistant diploma at Concorde he entered the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine and, in 2003, became Dr. John E. Bell, surgical podiatrist. He also has a master's degree in health services administration. He opened his own practice, Excelsior Podiatry Clinic PLLC, which operates four offices in Memphis today, after three years of residency.

"John was educated, well-mannered and believed he could succeed," Fry said. "His determination and energy gave me every reason to believe he would be a success story. It was a pleasure when I received notification from Dr. Bell that he had achieved his goal."

Pursuits outside of medicine

Dr. Bell's work as a surgical podiatrist just touches the surface of all he's accomplished in his young life.

He's an accomplished singer and recording artist, have released several CDs of soul, R&B and gospel music. He's the author of four books on topics ranging from sexual intimacy to race relations and parenting. Dr. Bell also is a highly-sought public speaker.

Bell is also a film director, writer, and producer. He debuted "I Think I Can Be a Doctor: Rise of the Urbanites" in Memphis last week. It's a film intended to spark interest within the city's youth community, to show how one person can make a difference in the world.

"With all that is happening with our youth, this film is a great way to show them how to strive for a well-respected career path instead of violence," Dr. Bell wrote in a promotional piece for the film's debut screening.

Perhaps, even before the making of this film, Dr. Bell had proven his point that one man can make a difference with the example that has been his full and rich life.

Continued involvement with Concorde's Medical Assistant program

Fry said she remembers Dr. Bell being fully involved in volunteerism and helping the local community when he was at Concorde.

"I remember when we served together at a Saturday clinic in rural Rossville, Tenn., and John worked with our medical director and a nurse practitioner checking blood pressures and administering flu shots," she said.

Dr. Bell volunteers time back to the place where he attended Medical Assistant school some 18 years ago.

"Dr. Bell has kept in touch with our campus, serving as a keynote speaker at our commencement ceremony, serving on our occupational advisory committee, serving as an extern site for our students, hiring our graduates and using our nursing and radiology labs to film scenes in his most recent movie," Fry said.

"I am honored that Dr. Bell continues to partner with Concorde Career College, and I admire his desire to help and encourage others through his medical practice and his films."

health care awareness

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