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Campus Presidents at each of Concorde's 16 campuses across the U.S. constantly work on ways to make the learning experience better for the health care student.

A huge part of that process involves listening to the health care student, about what they like about Concorde and what they don't. It's an ongoing process of communication that's integral in optimizing the experience for the health care student.

A prime example of this is what takes place during students' first few days on the Kansas City campus. Campus President Jamie Jadlow has developed a system where Concorde representatives reach out to new students during the first week of classes, welcome them and gather feedback. It's worked wonders for the KC campus, Jadlow said.

So, we thought we'd get a more detailed description from Jadlow about what all takes place. Here is what she had to say.

Week of Welcome for the health care student

Each term, as part of the campus' Week of Welcome activities for new students, a representative from the Student Affairs Department visits classes on Day 1, Jadlow said. They award a Success Pin to each new student and provide them with a campus "treasure map."

"The map includes signature lines for the Campus President, Learning Resource Center and Business Office," she said. "Students are challenged to locate and meet key personnel in each of these offices on campus throughout their first week. In exchange, campus leaders in these locations sign their maps and provide them with loot - usually candy - to welcome them to Concorde."

On the fifth day of class, their signed treasure maps serve as their tickets into a pizza party.

"We hold a pizza party for each shift," Jadlow said, "and the Campus President, Director of Admissions, Academic Dean and Program Directors attend. We remind new students of our conversation during orientation, where I stress that feedback is a gift."

Receiving feedback from the health care student

Jadlow said representatives ask students what has gone well during the first week as well as what could have gone better. The sessions go a long way toward building rapport and creating an environment for open feedback and continuous improvement across the campus, Jadlow said.

"We consistently receive positive feedback about instructors and staff during these meetings," she said. "We also learn where we can do a better job of setting expectations for students during the enrollment process and how to better integrate new students into our wheel course structure."

"Every pizza party is a rewarding and eye-opening experience, and we definitely realize our progress as we visit with students each term."

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