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7 Top Health Apps You Need

Concorde Staff
Concorde Staff
Updated January 7, 2016. The information contained in this blog is current and accurate as of this date.
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**Editors note, this post was updated in Aug 2018 to reflect new updated apps from original 2016 post

Choosing to pursue a health care degree with Concorde is probably one of the most responsible educational choices you will make. It also might be one of the most convenient ways to receive training if you work full time.

You can enroll in courses that will prepare you to work in a hospital, clinic, doctors' office, residential care facility or other medical center. All certificate or associate programs only take 20 months or less to complete.

In addition to core courses, you also will become exposed to current mobile technology that improves patient care. While in class, you might even learn about these top health apps:

1. Edo- The Edo app allows food shoppers the ability to find out exactly what's in the food your getting at the supermarket. The app scans food labels and uses an algorithm to analyze ingredients based on scientific studies and nutritional values to "rate" products. The app can also show if a food is Gluten Free or Lactose Free as well as offer healthier options for you.

2. Meditation Studio- Meditation has been on the rise recently due to its ability to help decrease stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and generally aid in managing challenging situations. The Meditation Studio app is one of the better ones for both newbies and advanced mediators alike. The app is an easy to use and introduces meditation in a intuitive and well designed interface for all levels.

3. RiseToday- the RiseToday app is a subscription-free app that lets users find not jsut classes but other fitness services and sessions in their area quickly and essily. The app was built to cater to the increasing adventurous and freedom-seeking smartphone users who want to keep fit with no obligations. Its main perk is allowing users to explore their existing fitness activites via the same platform as discovering new ones.

4. Mealpal- We all want to eat healthy but the second we feel hungry we reach for the closest food which usually comes from a snack jar or vending machine. Lack of planning is really what gets in our way and that is where the Mealpal app comes in. Mealpal is super easy to use, simply order your lunch from over 100 local restaurants, pick up your meal before 10 am the same day. This way you know your eating what you planned to, a healthy meal. Only bummer is Mealpal is available in select major city's across the world.

5. Argus- the Argus app is a combination of both a daily step counter and a workout monitor. You have the ability to log workouts, log daily steps and set goals for yourself. As an added bonus there is also a sleep tracker built right in so you can monitor your sleep cycles. Argus can be combined with your general purpose activity monitoring for more versatility as well.

6. MyFitnessPal- MyfitnessPal is one of the most popular health apps. Its main goal is to help keep your diet in check, with a large database of food items, to help you track your calorie intake for the day. Whats nice is it allows you to integrate with a ton of other fitness and health apps, like Argus. There is also a selection of exercises to perform, a community to engage with and stats about your progress. The free version only does basic calorie counting and you have to subscribe to get the rest of the features.

7. Calm- The No. 3 downloaded free app, Calm is a meditation and mindfulness app created for all things to help make you relaxed. There are four main components to the app: Meditate, Sleep, Wisdom and Music. Each section has a number of programs and lessons to help you achieve your goal of being calm and focused.

The above list of apps is selected based on popularity and potential usefulness. These applications also are selected as some of the best because of how well they work.

They are less likely to have major bugs unlike some newer ones that have not been thoroughly tested. You also can learn more about each application from user reviews.

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