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North Hollywood Vocational Nursing Students Take Action

When theoretical knowledge in the classroom spills over into service-learning, it's a beautiful thing!

Under the tutelage of the Vocational Nursing Instructor Kimberly Navarro RN, MSN, CNM, WHNP-BC at Concorde North Hollywood's campus, her students applied their knowledge of Milieu therapy to the nursing mothers' room on campus.

Milieu therapy, according to Navarro, is "the structuring of the environment to improve the psychological health and functioning of the individual. The goal of milieu therapy is to manipulate the environment so that all aspects of the person's experience, in this case, the lactation experience, are considered therapeutic."

She notes that "workplaces that support a mother in her return to work or school demonstrate their value for employees and students. The law requires workplaces to have space for women to pump at work."

In her professional opinion, "A 'mother's room' should be equipped with comfortable seating, a refrigerator and things to make working and studying mothers feel supported and appreciated. Our lactation room is equipped with a sofa, a refrigerator, aromatherapy, pastel colors, words of affirmation, snacks, tissues, hand sanitizers, ottomans, outlets, a table, and a place to have baby pictures."


"Enhancing the lactation room with milieu therapy was my personal vision, which I inspired my students to share and execute through this nursing leadership project," she said.

The students have plans to continue their activity by engaging in grassroots campaigns on topics that are vitally important to their growing field.