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How can I find LVN Programs Near me?

Concorde Staff
Concorde Staff
Updated June 8, 2018. The information contained in this blog is current and accurate as of this date.

Have you been thinking about going into the health care and started to do the searches for "programs near me"? Trying to figure out what area of health care fits you best and have been pondering nursing?

Nursing is a demanding yet fulfilling career that allows for nurses to specialize and develop throughout their career trajectory. No one likes the feeling of remaining stagnant in their personal or professional lives, and a nursing career will prove to challenge you in both realms.

A great starting point for anyone looking at getting into nursing is becoming a licensed vocational nurse because the program can be completed quickly and while in school or on the first job you can learn more about other more specialized jobs.

What is a LVN?

LVN stands for a licensed vocational nurse, a term used in Texas and California, but in most states, LVNs are known as licensed practical nurses or LPNs. Under the supervision of a registered nurse, a LVN or LPN provides basic care to patients.

While formal education is required, the program is often quite short. In fact, Concorde Career Colleges offers a program that can be completed in as few as 13 months! If you have always had your eye on a career in health care, but the years of schooling required for a physician seemed daunting, a practical nursing program might be right for you!

What are the day-to-day duties of a Licensed Vocational Nurse?

On any given day, an LVN typically monitor patients' vital signs, take blood pressure, record height and weight, and take a medical history of the patient. They assist patients with dressing, bathing and walking. Because of the close contact, a practical nurse has with patients, a caring, patient and emphatic nature is essential.

A genuine desire to work with individuals who are injured or ill is a must. Depending on where you land after graduation, you might work in an office or clinic that asks their nurses to perform administrative tasks that include scheduling patients and working with insurance companies.

What is LVN job outlook?

The job growth outlook for a LVN or LVP from 2016-2016 is 12%, which is faster than the average for all occupations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects nearly 89,000 new jobs in this field to be added over that same time period.

As the baby-boomer population ages, overall health care needs will continue to grow. LVNs and LVNs will be needed in residential care facilities and in home health environments to care for older patients.

Will I enjoy the schooling?

Before signing on for what will be at least a year of training, it is important to consider subjects you have excelled in during high school and any previous college coursework. Do you enjoy anatomy, physiology, biology and nutrition courses? If so, you will likely enjoy a LVN program.

Start your schooling today

If you know nursing is the right field for you, look no further for "LVN programs near me." Concorde offers a rigorous program that provides practical training may help jumpstart a student's nursing career.

To find out more about how Concorde can help you become a LVN, LPN or any one of our other health care programs reach out to the Admissions team today.