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What is Wonderlic Testing?

Concorde Staff
Concorde Staff
Updated August 28, 2017. The information contained in this blog is current and accurate as of this date.
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If you're a fan of NFL football, chances are you've heard of the Wonderlic test. But, did you know it's also used in health care education?

We use the Wonderlic Scholarship Level Exam (SLE) here at Concorde to gauge the readiness of a prospective student. It gauges the ability to enter school and have a reasonable chance at learning the material and succeeding in obtaining his or her health care education.

Let's take a look at the Wonderlic SLE - what questions are asked, what categories are covered, etc. It might be good information to know. You'll likely face taking the Wonderlic one day.

What is the Wonderlic SLE?

"The Wonderlic SLE is a cognitive ability assessment used at some post-secondary institutions to determine a prospective student's eligibility for acceptance into a particular school/program," said Nick Ferlisi, Senior Director of Admissions at Concorde's campus in Tampa, Fla. "Other uses for the Wonderlic include entry level jobs, and at times in team-making efforts."

The first use of Wonderlic testing, actually, was military-related. The test was first developed in the 1930s by Eldon F. Wonderlic. The assessment became popular when the U.S. military began using it to screen servicemen testing to become fighter pilots.

Most people know the Wonderlic from its usage in testing the mental capacities of NFL quarterbacks as they leave college and prepare for draft day. Notable past scores from NFL quarterbacks include Ryan Fitzpatrick, 48; Eli Manning, 39; Dak Prescott, 25; and, dubiously, Vince Young, who gained notoriety for scoring just a 6.

How the Wonderlic is used at Concorde and in health care education

Prospective students are required to take a series of three entrance assessments, as stated on page 21 of the Concorde campus catalog. The first is the Wonderlic SLE. The minimum score required differs depending on which program and career you're pursuing.

The Wonderlic assessment is 50 questions with a 12-minute time limit. The Concorde campus catalog states that applicants for all programs may attempt the Wonderlic a total of three times. The first two attempts may be taken on the same day, but there is a 24-hour waiting period before a third attempt may be taken.

Prospective Concorde students are required to take two other entrance assessments in addition to the Wonderlic SLE. Online Readiness Assessment is used for assessing the applicant's readiness for online coursework and to identify any obstacles where he or she might need extra support or guidance. The Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) Admission Assessment takes nearly three hours to complete and tests applicants' skills in reading comprehension, basic math skills, general vocabulary and general knowledge.

Prospective Concorde students take the assessments in this order – Wonderlic, ORA, HESI.