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Dylan Rosser

After graduating from Southern Oregon University with a degree in health and physical education, Dylan Rosser realized she wanted to pursue a different career path.

“I already had so many of the prerequisites done that getting a health and physical education degree seemed like the best option at the time,” she said. “I knew I wanted to do something related to health, but physical education wasn’t it.”

Dylan thought about becoming a nurse, but it was not the right fit. Then Dylan saw a friend’s Instagram story, which convinced her that surgical technology (ST) would be the perfect job for her.

“A friend of mine had posted a story about her ST program at Concorde Career College,” Dylan said. “I had always been interested in surgery, but I never knew that the ST position ever existed.”

ST was exactly the kind of career Dylan was looking for and she immediately began researching programs in Oregon, including Concorde. Impressed by Concorde’s program length and degree options, Dylan ultimately decided to apply to Concorde, Portland’s Surgical Technology program.

Moving Forward

Dylan was excited to start her ST career journey, but her new courses weren’t the only change in her life. In order to pursue Concorde’s ST program, Dylan had to move from Medford, Oregon to Portland, which is about 4 hours away.

She initially had a difficult time adjusting to life away from her friends and family, but Concorde’s faculty and students were always there for her.

“My instructors and peers were absolutely amazing and so helpful,” Dylan said. “They always checked up on me and really made it feel like I was part of a family.”

Dylan worked hard throughout her time at Concorde, especially during clinicals. The program’s hands-on experience and knowledgeable instructors helped her grasp difficult concepts and prepared her for the next step in her ST career.

In May 2020, Dylan graduated from the ST program and she accepted a full-time position at a hospital she went to for clinical rotation.

Surgical Technology during a Pandemic

Today Dylan is a surgical technologist at Providence Medford Medical Center in Medford, Oregon and loves that she gets to play such a crucial role in the operating room.

From monitoring the sterilization of equipment to helping doctors perform certain surgical tasks, Dylan works hard to ensure quality care and the well-being of all her patients.

“I don’t think I would be nearly as confident or capable as I am if I didn’t go to Concorde,” Dylan said. “I felt 100% prepared.”

Working during a global pandemic was a major change for Dylan in 2020. Most elective surgeries were stopped in preparation for the surge of COVID-19 patients. Many of her coworkers were reassigned to support the treatment of patients dealing with coronavirus.

“I really believe I came at the perfect time,” Dylan said. “Whenever I come into work, I always remember the words of one of my favorite instructors, Ms. Almquist, ‘You’re not here for yourself, but for your patients.’ I follow that advice every day.”

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