Neurodiagnostic Technology

Achieve an Associate Degree in as few as 17 months*

Concorde’s Neurodiagnostic Technology program prepares you to record electrical activity in the brain and nervous system for diagnostic purposes. Your work as a technologist can support vital health care applications such as diagnosing and treating seizures, sleep disorders, coma states and more.

Serve your community through your work

Through your role in documenting electro-activity in the brain and nervous system, you can offer a critical link in your larger community to a health care provider’s diagnosis ranging from the physical to the physiological.

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As a neurodiagnostic technologist, you can serve a vital role in health care. Concorde helps comprehensively equip you for this broad job scope through hands-on skills training and real-world clinical experiences.


Classroom-to-career skills training

At our neurodiagnostic technologist schools, you can begin applying your classroom knowledge from your first day on the job through an emphasis on the following areas:

  • Video recording equipment and monitoring technologies
  • Tests to study brain/nervous system
  • Electrode placement
  • Patient monitoring
  • Measurement of brain responses
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