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After High School

Students attend Concorde for one important reason—to train for a new health care career. Concorde offers:

  • A variety of health care programs for some of today’s fastest-growing careers.*
  • Classrooms and medical labs that feature the kind of materials, instruments, and equipment you find throughout the health care industry.
  • Our hands-on training provides experience and skills that today's health care employers require.



Concorde has trained medical and dental professionals nationwide for more than 50 years. We have 16 campus locations and offer more than 20 diploma and degree programs for some of today’s fastest-growing health care careers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • We have more than 100,000 graduates leading successful health care careers in cities across the U.S. Read some of their success stories.
  • We believe in student-centered support. Our success depends directly upon your success. We’re ready and eager to provide you with all the support you need to navigate your program, earn your diploma or degree and get into the career you desire.


We feel we’ve done our jobs only if our graduates are successful.

  • From the start of the admissions process, our Student Affairs team continually provides assistance designed to increase retention and graduation rates.
  • Our Financial Aid team is ready to work with you closely to seek any opportunities to help you pay tuition and related costs for those who qualify.
  • Through résumé preparation and final interviews, Concorde’s Graduate Employment department, with partnerships throughout the community, is able to assist graduates with job-placement opportunities. This service is always available to our graduates should they need to find employment within their field or they relocate near another Concorde campus.


Concorde has 16 campus locations and offers more than 20 degree and diploma programs.

  • Our curricula is industry-modeled and prepares graduates for successful employment in the growing health care field.
  • Program Advisory Committees, composed of local health care professionals, employers and educators, advise on the courses, skills and training needed for each program to ensure our job-ready graduates meet the needs of our medical community.
  • Contact your area Concorde campus today, and we can arrange a visit to your school to learn more about the programs we offer.