Organizations with the highest integrity are the most respected and produce the best outcomes. Integrity has many dimensions. It is a commitment to sound moral principles. Integrity is doing the right thing and doing things right every time; in an accurate, timely, complete fashion. Integrity demands that we face challenges with intellectual honesty. But honesty is not integrity’s sole ingredient. Integrity requires discipline and courage. Honest people make mistakes. Those with integrity proactively minimize errors and identify and resolve them quickly when they do occur. Together honesty, discipline, and courage comprise integrity. Integrity brings honor to its bearer and honor is the cornerstone of learning, achievement, and professionalism. Our goal is to maintain and enhance our reputation by dealing with everyone; our students, our associates, our communities, accreditors and regulators, with truthfulness and dignity despite the pressures of our daily work or our industry. We expect the same in return. Our commitment to integrity is reflected in actions. It is demonstrated by clearly defining expectations and commitments, keeping promises, upholding educational and business ethics, openly disclosing potential conflicts of interest, maintaining confidentiality of sensitive and proprietary information, avoiding gossip, and upholding the laws and regulations of our communities. Concorde continuously audits for regulatory compliance. When breeches of integrity are identified within Concorde, we aggressively define the problem and disclose it to the affected constituencies with appropriate reparations. We implement and adhere to policy and procedure and accept accountability for the timeliness and accuracy of management information. Concorde personnel establish our commitment to integrity through a policy of open communication and expectations. We have documented our values, policies, and procedures, in the student handbook and employee handbook. We review these statements and sign an affirmation of our personal commitment to integrity upon joining the Company.


At Concorde, respect is awarded to every person we encounter in our work lives, and again, we expect the same in return. Respect for the individual is our expression of long-term interest in our associates. To truly commit to our Mission and extend beyond the boundaries of self interest, our associates must feel respected. Respect for the individual suggests a participative management style that values the ideas of every associate. We strive to be a culture of good listeners. Differences of opinion are aired openly and not personalized. Information is shared responsibly and accurately and not withheld or selectively disseminated for the sake of gaining personal advantage or avoiding responsibility. We reject inappropriate discrimination in our work place. We are committed to attracting, and retaining associates who are prepared to meet a challenge, grow, and contribute to the common good. We know that the greatest expression of respect for another person is a challenge that requires stretching beyond previous limits. This is the dynamic of personal growth that leads to respect in its purest form, self esteem. The most important element of ensuring respect for the individual is our performance review and planning (PRP) process. Performance is measured against realistic expectations, consistent with the requirements of the position. Measurable objectives are established mutually. Our PRP process is designed to challenge and support associates in achieving maximum personal potential. Respect for the individual is also supported by a variety of day-to-day activities. We regularly assess our objectives, compensation, incentives, training, and succession planning to ensure internal and external consistency. We strive to motivate associates and make every effort to recognize and reward superior performance. We provide associates with the tools necessary to work effectively, including state-of-the-industry technology, policies, procedures, action plans, and structured communication. Our goal is measurable associate satisfaction.


A customer is anyone whose needs and expectations must be identified and satisfied if we are to achieve our Mission. Customer satisfaction is achieved when there are trusting relationships based on aligned expectations, active listening, open and accurate communication, measurable commitments, and timely execution. At every level of our organization we build trusting relationships with our customers. Prospective and enrolled students are our principal customers. We are centered on their needs, which are determined largely by employers’ expectations. All decisions are considered in the light of student employability. Still, we value students’ dreams and defend their goals. We believe in them. Beyond exemplary training, we provide students with the professional example they must model to be successful. We provide support services, including admissions, financial aid, career services, and student services, with the professionalism, efficiency, and timeliness afforded any valued customer. As customers, our students must fulfill obligations too, which are clearly defined in our enrollment agreement and catalog. Health care employers and the communities they comprise are also our customers. We partner with employers to give direction to our programs and provide students with practical experience in externships and clinical rotations. We endeavor to prepare our students to be the best candidates to meet employers’ expectations. We all serve customers within Concorde–each other–whose needs must be addressed to achieve our Mission. We strive to help each other be successful. Irrespective of our role or responsibility within Concorde, our goal is measurable customer satisfaction.


Our belief in teamwork is grounded in the knowledge that no one of us can achieve as much as all of us together. Team members have diverse perspectives and backgrounds but they share a common goal. To achieve that goal they are prepared to set aside self interest, adapt to specific roles, cooperate, practice, and act. Team players understand and identify with priorities and seek to make a personal contribution. They feel free to express disagreement, but once the course is set, they commit. Team leaders exemplify our values, are organized and focused on the goal, but remain open to the possibilities. Teamwork is the cornerstone of our decision-making process. All stake holders in any issue or opportunity must participate as team members in reaching related decisions. Great teamwork is fun! Our compensation and incentive systems are based in part on team results.


Achievement is the attainment of an exemplary or exceptional result. Achievement is about exceeding the ever-escalating expectations of students, employers, accreditors, government agencies, and our owners. Although we will never achieve perfection, we constantly aspire to that standard. We keep score, which means that we explicitly accept accountability for improving measured performance in admissions, academics, student satisfaction, completion, licensure, and placement outcomes. We believe that these goals and superior financial performance are consonant and that consonance is achieved through a disciplined commitment to our Mission and Values.

James Harkins | Nursing Graduate

“What I liked about Concorde was that there was nothing flashy. They were very up front, very simple, answered all my questions. They were more concerned with my education than tuition.”

Randall Hines | Polysomnographic Technologist Graduate

“My military experience translated really well into being a student at Concorde.”

Michelle Cardona | Dental Assistant graduate

“Literally a year-and-a-half ago, I was struggling to make ends meet and barely surviving. Now I have a career, make good money, and life gets better every day. I have recommended friends and family go to Concorde, because in as few as nine months, your life can completely change for the better.”

Robert Hitchcock | Nursing graduate

“After completion of the RN program I took my NCLEX as soon as I was able, and to my delight I was completely prepared. Now, when people ask, I’m proud to say I went to Concorde.”

Christine Mejia | Surgical Technology Graduate

“There was good simulation, real instruments and a lot of one-on-one instruction. I loved the lab, and I had a great instructor who is also a surgical technician.”

Cameron Smith | Dental Assistant graduate

“My experience at Concorde Career College was phenomenal. With my instructors being there every step of the way, not only did I gain knowledge and the experience I needed to become successful, I gained confidence. The Concorde Dental Assistant program has changed my life for the better. My salary has doubled since I graduated.”

Tamera Watkins | Massage Therapy graduate

“Concorde is a great starting place. If you have a passion for what you want to do, they’re there to help lead you on whatever path you choose.”

“Going back to college, I was more of a hands-on person, and Concorde was the perfect place to go for that. My experience with them was really helpful, and they were able to place me in a job.”

Costa of Tampa, FL via

“The small-sized classes and the one-on-one appealed to me, and the structure of Concorde helped me become a successful student.”

Brandy of Orlando FL via

Brian Eunice | Vocational Nursing graduate, Concorde

“When I finished and walked that stage, it felt like everything was changing. A whole new journey was beginning and all I could do was thank Concorde, my family, my teachers and classmates. They truly get you to where you need to be. I am fulfilling my dreams and working at the jobs I wanted. Thank you Concorde!”

Stephen Mitchell | Vocational Nursing graduate

“Concorde was one of the best moves I made in my life. I was a few years removed from active duty, working dead-end jobs, going nowhere because no one really wanted to deal with a veteran. Concorde made it easy to learn with my learning style and at the pace I enjoyed. I’m currently working as a pediatrics home health nurse and loving my career. Thank you, Concorde!”

“They helped me through the program and gave me a good education. I’m working as medical assistant now, and I’ve had this same job since I was done with the program.”

Natalia of Miramar, FL via