Surgical Technologist School in Grand Prairie

Concorde Career Colleges is home to a surgical technologist school in Grand Prairie, Texas that has graduated thousands of students, many whom enter the workforce career-ready in less than a year. With real-life experience under their belts, our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and clinical experience to hit the ground running. If you are considering a career in the health professions, look no further than Concorde Career Colleges. With locations throughout the United States, we provide an accessible and thorough education.

Surgical Technologist School in Grand Prairie

Who thrives in a career as a surgical technologist?

A person entering the surgical tech career must enjoy the “hands-on” aspect of health care. Often times acting in life or death situations, a surgical technologist must be able to think and act on his or her feet, take orders from the surgeon and be ready and willing to help at any moment. Because a surgical technologist hands the surgeon instruments and supplies, strong interpersonal communication skills are a must. The ability to work well under pressure, when lives are at stake, is especially important for a person in this role. Additionally, few students consider the physical demands of the job before signing up for the program. A surgical technologist must be able to stand for hours on end throughout a given procedure.

Surgical Technologist requires only a post-secondary certificate

Many careers in health care require graduate level education, which is not the case for a surgical technologist. If you are looking to enter the workforce within the next year or two, a career as a surgical technologist requires only a post-secondary certificate, yet still allows you to have hands-on contact with patients. Working closely on an interdisciplinary team of surgeons, surgical nurses and anesthesiologists, surgical technologists play a crucial role.

Before signing on for a demanding program, first consider your own personal strengths, interests and personality. Can you handle the sight of blood? Do you get squeamish? Can you see yourself operating during a surgical procedure while staying calm and composed? After asking and answering the tough questions, if you believe this program might be right for you, contact Concorde Career Colleges to learn more about the surgical technologist school in Grand Prairie, Texas, or at any of the other campuses nationwide.


Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?