Surgical Technologist Job Description

Thinking about a career spent in the operating room? If you are considering a career as a surgical technologist, it is absolutely vital that you spend time researching the career and familiarizing yourself with the surgical technologist job description. Often time health care careers are glamorized in television shows and movies, but nothing can really prepare a pre-professional for what lies ahead. While reading a surgical technologist job description is a great place to start in figuring out whether this career is right for you, following up with some shadowing experiences and informational interviews of professionals working in the career are always wise next steps to take.

surgical technologist job description

The daily work tasks of a surgical technologist

Let’s start by reviewing the daily work tasks of a surgical technologist. On any given day, a surgical tech makes sure that all equipment and supplies are in working order and ready for that day’s procedure. Sterilizing all equipment and devices is another important part of the surgical tech’s job. A surgical tech works in close proximity to the surgeon, nurses and other health care professionals in the operating room. Before surgery begins, the surgeon might ask a surgical tech to assist in dressing him or her for surgery with a gown, hat and gloves. As the surgery is underway, a surgical tech is responsible for passing instruments, supplies and equipment directly to the surgeon. As the surgery concludes, the tech often times assumes the responsibility of cleaning and sterilizing the equipment and room. As I am sure you have already deduced, the role of a surgical technologist requires an individual who is detail-oriented, one who can work well on a team with other health care professionals, and one who works well under pressure in fast-paced environments.

Before committing to a one-year surgical tech training program, it is important to thoroughly research the education and career demands before investing your time, money and energy in pursuing this professional path. As you read the surgical technologist job description and continue to feel attracted to the work, consider Concorde’s one-year program for surgical technology.


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