School for Medical Assistant

Medical assisting is a demanding, fast-paced health care career that can be achieved in as few as eight months. Whether you are embarking on your first career or consider yourself a “career changer,” medical assisting is a health care career with a bright outlook, which offers professional and personal rewards. Before making the financial investment in a medical assisting career, it is important to thoroughly research the career to make sure it aligns with your personal interests, personality type, values and financial goals.

School for Medical Assistant

What does a medical assistant do on a daily basis?

A medical assistant’s role and responsibilities depend largely on the facility where he or she works. Most medical assistants record patient history and consult with patients regarding personal information. They measure vital signs and take blood pressure. A medical assistant might also be asked to perform certain administrative tasks as well, such as scheduling patient appointments and entering patient information into medical records.

A good fit for your personality?

After learning more about the medical assistant’s role on a health care team, you might wonder whether it is a good fit for your personality. Medical assistants need to enjoy working in close proximity with ill people and be able to put patients at ease. Medical assisting can be a perfect career choice for a student heading for medical school searching for experience to build their admissions applications for medical school, given that medical schools value direct patient contact in a candidate. Interacting closely with nurses, doctors, social workers, and other members of a health care team means it is essential for a medical assistant to have strong interpersonal skills and professionalism.

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