Respiratory Therapy Training in North Hollywood, CA

Is a career in respiratory therapy right for you? When considering a first-time career or a possible career transition, there are many important factors that play into your decision. Before signing on for respiratory therapy training in North Hollywood, Calif., it is important to consider your personality type, interests, aptitudes, work/life balance preferences and financial requirements before embarking on a new career.

Attracted by the flexible lifestyle, thousands of people decide on a career in respiratory therapy each year. Respiratory therapy requires less education than other health care professions, including physician’s assisting, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology, making it the perfect choice for students who need to be career-ready quickly.

Respiratory Tech Training in North Hollywood

What does respiratory therapy training entail?

In the comprehensive program through Concorde Career Colleges, students will learn to treat a wide range of patients – from premature infants born with underdeveloped lungs to elderly patients living with a wide variety of life-threatening diseases. The Concorde curriculum balances academic learning with hands-on patient clinical care, which means that students graduate having real-life experience on their resumes.

Respiratory Therapist – an active and dynamic career

A career in respiratory therapy is quite active and dynamic, requiring students and professionals to be on their feet for a majority of the day. A respiratory therapist spends most of the day examining patients, performing diagnostic tests, developing treatment plans and educating patients and their families on what it means to have their particular condition. If you are a caring, compassionate and patient person, you most likely already have the demeanor for a successful career in respiratory therapy.

Thousands of students have found their niche in health care through Concorde Career Colleges. With a job outlook projected to grow over the next few years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pursuing a degree in respiratory therapy could wind up being one of the best decisions of your life.





Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?