Respiratory Therapy School in San Bernardino

Interested in becoming a respiratory therapist? The process to become a respiratory therapist requires a two-year associate’s degree and a passing score on the national exam to become a certified respiratory therapist. Compared with other professions within health care, respiratory therapy requires fewer years of education. Concorde Career College is one respiratory therapy school in San Bernardino, Calif. that graduates hundreds of respiratory therapy students each year. Our program provides a mix of both academic and clinical learning. With clinical experience already under their belt upon graduation, Concorde Career Colleges assists its graduates in finding their first job after school.

Respiratory Tech School in San Bernardino

What does a respiratory therapist do on a daily basis? Simply put, a respiratory therapist cares for patients living with cardiopulmonary disorders. Most respiratory therapists appreciate that their career exposes them to a variety of different patients, as individuals struggle with breathing disorders throughout the lifespan. While most respiratory therapists work in hospitals, some work in convalescent homes or in home health settings.

A career in respiratory therapy carries with it many perks

For one, you get to provide hands-on care to individuals who need it most, which is usually tied to high job satisfaction. Knowing that what you do on a daily basis saves lives is both satisfying and fulfilling. The career includes a lot of variety in the tasks performed and also in the type of patients seen. Respiratory therapists work on an interdisciplinary team, often alongside physicians and nurses. The career also provides many opportunities for advancement. While an associate’s degree and a passing grade on the licensure test is necessary to practice, many respiratory therapists continue to challenge themselves by obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

If you are searching for a respiratory tech school in San Bernardino, Calif. that will allow you to continue growing professionally and personally, consider Concorde Career Colleges.


Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?