Medical Office Administration Program in North Hollywood CA

If you are looking for a medical office administration program in North Hollywood, Calif., look no further than Concorde Career Colleges. Each year, graduates leave our programs and seamlessly weave into administrator positions at clinics and doctors’ offices throughout the country. With campuses located throughout the country, students can spend as few as eight months gaining the necessary skills to enter the workforce after graduation.

Medical Office Administration Program in North Hollywood

Working in Medical Office Administration

Our medical office administration programs are filled with students who are starting on their first careers and others who are transitioning from another industry. Whatever your current situation, you are welcome. As a medical office administrator, your main job is to help the medical office, clinic, or hospital run smoothly, coordinating many different parts, from billing to insurance to staff management. In the program, students learn how to update and file patients’ medical records, manage insurance, arrange for hospital admissions and cultivate the professionalism needed to answer phones, greet patients and schedule appointments.

The Medical Office Administrator role

The medical office administrator role is perfect for someone who likes the idea of working in health care but doesn’t actually want to put their hands on patients. Administration seems to be the perfect fit for these students. If managing the accounts payable, billing and fee collection, payroll and insurance claims sounds interesting to you, you would most likely enjoy the medical office administration program through Concorde Career Colleges.

Before choosing a career, it’s important to consider the setting in which you prefer to work. Many medical office administrators find employment in hospitals, clinics and private practice. In each of those settings, a medical administrator needs to feel comfortable and confident interacting with physicians, nurses and other medical staff. While they are not involved in direct patient care, a medical office administrator plays a vital role on the team. The office simply could not run without a caring and competent medical office administrator. In your search for a medical office administration program in North Hollywood, Calif., consider Concorde Career Colleges.

Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?