Medical assistant course in Aurora

Concorde offers diplomas for various professions within health care. If you are looking for a medical assistant course in Aurora, Colorado or a comprehensive medical assisting program that can be completed in eight months, look no further!

Medical assistant course in Aurora, Colorado

If you are considering a health care profession but are unsure of where you belong, we suggest you consider medical assisting. As a health care career with relatively brief education requirements compared with nursing or medical school, students can get educated, trained and enter the work force relatively quickly. The Concorde medical assisting program is perfect for people wanting to transition into a new career or who are embarking on their very first experience in the workforce.

medical assistant course in Aurora

Before investing your time and energy in a medical assisting program, you must first consider whether the education and career is a good fit for your personal and professional aspirations. The role of a medical assistant varies depending on the clinic or hospital, but generally speaking, a medical assistant wears many different hats. A medical assistant performs administrative tasks, which include answering phones, scheduling and handling insurance matters. Tasks also include hands-on care with patients, including checking vital signs and collecting samples to be sent to the lab. Because of the high level of interaction with patients, medical assistants must enjoy working with individuals in need, helping to solve problems with patience and understanding. Medical assistants work closely on a team with physicians, nurses and other health care professionals.

A Medical Assistant Has Many Options

As a medical assistant, you have many options when it comes to where you can work. Medical assistants find meaningful employment in hospitals, home care, hospice and clinics. A program like the one offered through Concorde provides students with the skills they need to get started in the profession. Our graduates have reported to us that their decision to receive medical assisting training through Concorde has been one of the best decisions they have made both professionally and personally.

Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?