LPN schools near me

Whether you are starting your very first career or making an ambitious transition from another industry, the decision to embark on a new academic program should not be taken lightly. The decision to become a nurse has many different implications and should not be made impulsively. Perhaps you have searched for “LPN schools near me,” and have come up empty or are unsure of whether the programs you have found will fit your learning style and career goals.

While there are many different Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) programs out there, Concorde’s LPN program is one that leaves students satisfied year after year, as they produce career-ready nurses who leave their program with the skills to be successful. In your search for “LPN schools near me,” give Concorde a look. You will find our curriculum gives students the perfect blend of academic background and understanding, as well as providing hands-on practical training.

LPN schools near me

Take a moment to consider the career itself

Before making the investment of your time and financial resources, take a moment to consider the career itself. Will you enjoy a career as an LPN? Under the direction of a registered nurse and doctor, an LPN provides basic care to patients of all ages in a number of different settings, from hospitals to nursing facilities to private practices. Job security is one major selling point of this career. With baby boomers set to retire, the demand for qualified entry-level nurses can be expected to skyrocket, which means nurses possess a rare and marketable skill that might serve them well for years to come. The chance to work in a variety of different industries is especially appealing.

LPN schools might be perfect for individuals who want to work in health care but do not have the time to spend a decade in school, chasing an MD degree. Physician assisting, medicine, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are all rewarding careers but require graduate level education, a long academic path to which not everyone can commit. LPN might be a perfect career for individuals who want a professional career providing hands-on care to patients, but who lack the time, money and desire to pursue a master’s or doctorate degree.

Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?