How long is medical assistant training?

Do you want a career in health care but are reluctant to sign on for the decade of education required to become a physician? If so, medical assisting might be the right option for you. How long is medical assistant training? Through Concorde, students can complete medical assistant training in as few as eight months. After a rigorous eight-month program, you can be ready to enter the field prepared for a rewarding career working with patients. Perhaps you are transitioning to medical assisting from another career or you have limited time to get a new career started. If you identify with one of these previously mentioned situations, medical assistant training will get you skilled and prepared for a career in a highly-specialized, in-demand field.

how long is medical assistant training

Will I like a career in medical assisting?

Before embarking on a new career, it is always wise to shadow a professional in the career you plan to assume. As a medical assistant, you must be comfortable working in close proximity with patients who are ill and in pain. Medical assistants do everything from taking medical histories to preparing patients for exams to assisting physicians during exams. They form relationships of trust and care as they instruct patients on how to take medication and other important information. The medical assistant performs clinical tasks in some offices,tasks that include drawing blood, taking electrocardiograms and changing dressings. If you are not comfortable with blood or bodily fluids, you might want to consider not pursuing a career in this field.

Are medical assistants in demand?

The field is projected to grow as more and more baby boomers age and require medical attention. Medical assisting is one career that cannot be replaced by a computer or machine. While the role will evolve as technology continues to change health care, the role itself will never phase out, which is good news for medical assistants who enjoy their work and want to keep their jobs for years to come.

Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?