Dental Assisting School in Orlando

If you are considering various helping professions, specifically those in health care, a career in dental assisting might be right for you. If you are looking for a dental assisting school in Orlando, Fla., you will find one of the most convenient, affordable and thorough programs offered through Concorde Career College. Blending both academic and clinical elements into the curriculum, graduates receive a “hands-on” experience that will provide them with the necessary skills to enter the workforce after graduation.

Dental Assisting School in Orlando

What can you expect in a career as a dental assistant?

First of all, dental assistants work closely with the dentist, acting as his or her “right hand” during detailed procedures. While some responsibilities overlap between dental hygienists and dental assistants, the two professions are distinct and different. A dental hygienist performs tasks that require a higher level of education and experiences including cleaning a patient’s teeth, performing fillings and bridges. Medical assistants can be responsible for setting up before appointments, organizing tools, handing tools to the dentist and operating some equipment on behalf of the dentist. Depending on the nature of the office, dental assistants might also be tasked with administrative responsibilities.

What are the benefits to pursuing a career in dental assisting?

One major benefit is the work/life balance that many dental assistants have attained. Depending on the office where you work, the practice will most likely operate during normal business hours, offering days off and vacation. Dental assistants usually enjoy a great discount on dental care for themselves and family. Many dental assistants enjoy providing a high touch, personalized experience for patients who are often nervous and scared to visit a dentist. There are many professional and personal benefits to the career, too many to outline here.

If you are looking for a dental assisting school in Orlando, Fla., Concorde Career Institute is a good option for you to consider.

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