What Do Dental Assistants Do?

Career planning can be an overwhelming process for most of us. There are so many considerations to make before committing to a path, including salary, hours, job outlook, education requirements and years in school, just to name a few! Start at a basic level by researching what a typical workday is for a professional in your prospective career. If you are considering a career in dental assisting, start by asking, what do dental assistants do? If the daily tasks and demands of the job seem appealing in addition to the work environment, you might have found your perfect career fit.

What Do Dental Assistants Do

What do dental assistants do? The tasks vary in every dental office but most likely you will spend the majority of your day interacting with patients, assisting in dental exams and procedures, and acting as a “go-to” person for the dentist. Most dental assistants are responsible for preparing equipment and supplies for the dentist, taking x-rays, as well as carrying out administrative tasks in the office.

What do dental assistants do? Dental assistants play an integral role in the process of administering oral care to their patients. Dentists rely heavily on their dental assistants to assist with procedures while also preparing equipment and tools. Dental assistants play a huge role in keeping the exam rooms sanitized. Successful dental assistants are able to almost read the minds of the dentists they work for, ready with a tool before the dentist has even requested it of their assistant. Because dental assistants work in tandem with the dentist, they must possess strong interpersonal skills and be able to thrive in fast-paced environments.

A pleasant, upbeat demeanor is especially important in any health care setting, as patients are often in vulnerable situations where they need the support of caring dental professionals. Adding to a safe, nurturing space for patients is an important part of the position.

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