Physical Therapist Assistant Degree

Are you considering a degree in physical therapist assisting? This career path is lucrative for many reasons, one being that the degree can be earned in as few as 20 months. Compared with other careers within health care, physical therapist assistant training can be earned quickly, making you career-ready in no time.

Physical Therapist Assistant DegreeTrying to find the right career is a process few individuals get right on the first try. You might be embarking on your first career, or perhaps you are transitioning out of another career after years in that particular field. No matter where you are in your journey, there are a few pivotal questions to ask before investing the time and energy on a physical therapist assistant degree.

First, you must honestly look at yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, personality type and interests. Are you someone who enjoys regular interaction with individuals? Do you work well with individuals who are in pain or struggling? Are you patient and caring? Physical therapist assisting is a practical profession – requiring hands-on adjusting and tweaking of another’s body. Does this sound like daunting or energizing work to you? One of the most rewarding aspects of the career is that you have the chance to walk with someone during a period of great transformation in their lives. The career allows you as the physical therapist assistant to develop deep connections with your patients as they struggle to gain mobility once again.

A physical therapist assistant degree is a wise investment as the career outlook is quite bright for health care careers in general. Students in the physical therapist assistant curriculum are exposed to real-life situations and examples from Day 1. As a physical therapist assistant, you work with individuals of all ages, from all different walks of life. A program like Concorde’s will prepare you to meet your clients where you are, while also growing personally and professionally.

Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?