Pharmacy Technician Schools

A pharmacy technician assumes an important role in health care. After completing a pharmacy technician program, some of which can be completed in as few as seven months, you too can be working toward a satisfying career as a pharmacy technician. Professionals in this role play an important part in the pharmacy, working alongside pharmacists in this fast-paced, detail-oriented profession.

Pharmacy Technician SchoolsIf you remain unsure of whether pharmacy tech is the right career for you, first consider the nature of the work. On a daily basis, you might do everything from fill a prescription, manage patient information in the patient database and investigate insurance policies and claims. Individuals who enjoy detail-oriented work tend to enjoy this profession. While occasional interaction with customers is required, the profession is suited more for an introverted personality. Work environment is a huge factor in career satisfaction as well. Consider for a moment how satisfied you might be working in a grocery store or drug store pharmacy, hospital or health care facility. Most pharmacy technicians spend the majority of their days on their feet – another important consideration to make before committing to this career path.

Perhaps you already know that a career as a pharmacy technician is right for you and you’ve moved on to researching various pharmacy technician programs. Programs that place emphasis on giving students hands-on, practical work experience will prepare you best for a career after graduation. Programs like Concorde include a curriculum that includes both theory and application, allowing students to use what they know in a practical way.

Because the necessary education and certification can be earned in a relatively short amount of time, this career is ideal for someone who needs to be employable as quickly as possible. If you are searching for a career within health care that can be achieved relatively quickly, a career as a pharmacy technician might be for you.

Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?