Pharmacy Tech Schools

The pharmacy tech plays a vital role in the pharmacy, one that might align perfectly with your individual skills, interests and personality. If you are considering a career as a pharmacy tech, there are many pharmacy tech schools to choose from, which can be good in the sense that you have many options, but daunting in that you do not know what to value in a program.

Before deciding whether this career is a match for you, first consider the tasks of a pharmacy technician. A pharmacy technician works alongside the pharmacist, assembling medicines for prescriptions and providing patients with vital information regarding both over-the-counter and prescription drugs they might be taking.

Pharmacy Tech Schools

Making a Commitment Before Looking for Pharmacy Tech Schools

Before choosing from one of the pharmacy tech schools and making a solid commitment to the career path, consider first your own personality type. Working in a pharmacy tends to be highly meticulous, detail-oriented work.

Working in a pharmacy is a matter of life and death. With just one mistake on a prescription, the consequences could be fatal. One must consider whether they feel comfortable working in a field where the stakes are that high. Pharmacy techs spend the majority of their days working alone, with occasional interaction with patients or the pharmacist. If you are able, try to schedule an interview or shadow opportunity with a pharmacist you know to get insider information on this career before investing the time and money in one of the many pharmacy tech schools out there.

After completing pharmacy tech school, students graduate and find work in a number of different work environments, including pharmacies, hospitals, as well as work “on the road” parlaying their training into a career as a pharmaceutical representative.

Concorde graduates pharmacy techs each year whom enter the field with a strong set of skills that make them employable and ready. You could be one.

Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?