Medical Office Assistant

Medical office assisting is a career that requires professionals to wear many hats. Medical office assistants handle everything, from scheduling and receiving patients, to preparing and maintaining medical records for medical transcription. Their main role is to serve as a liaison between physicians and their patients. For this reason alone, medical office assistants must be flexible, strong communicators who can professionally represent the physicians for whom they work.

medical office assistant

You might be wondering if a career as a medical office assistant is right for you. This career is a good fit for individuals who want to work in health care. This individual must enjoy the administrative side of health care. A medical office assistant must be highly organized and have no problem giving the office a professional face.

Medical office assisting programs can be completed in as few as eight months, allowing you to get in and out and skilled in a very specific area. Medical office assistants are required to work in fast-paced environments, often times interacting with individuals who are ill and in pain. A flexible and adaptive personality is a must since medical office assistants perform everything from administrative tasks as well as perform some basic, routine medical tasks.

If you are interested in other careers within the health care field, it might be wise to start as a medical office assistant to get exposure to the industry of health care.


Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?