Medical Lab Technician Programs

If you are thinking of starting or transitioning into a new career, it is important to make a few considerations before investing your time and money. Whether you are considering medical schools, dental hygiene programs, or medical lab technician programs, there are a few vital questions you must ask yourself before committing to a health care track.

Choosing a career requires individuals to reflect upon their personalities, interests, aptitudes, salary requirements, and be realistic about how long they are willing to be a student. Students who typically do well in medical lab technician programs and careers are typically more introverted in personality. Because the tasks of this career involve collecting samples and analyzing bodily fluids, tissues, and other substances, the majority of this career is done alone. This reality of the career can be a challenge for more extroverted personality types who need constant interaction with others to stay engaged. Medical lab technician programs are ideal for individuals who have a desire to help and serve in the healthcare field, yet want to have limited direct contact with patients.

medical lab technician programs

Another key consideration is what type of work environment you enjoy. About half of all medical lab technicians are employed in hospitals, while the other half are employed in doctors’ offices and diagnostic labs.

Consider for a moment your academic history. Did you enjoy rigorous science classes? Were you fascinated by new discoveries and constantly challenging the status-quo? The health care field is one that is ever-changing. New innovations and technologies are evolving each day, and as a medical lab tech, you are going to be in the middle of it all. Does this excite you, or bore you?

Concorde is one of many medical lab technician programs that provides you with excellent training for a career as a medical lab tech. Best of all, this career can be achieved in just 20 months.


Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?