What Are Medical Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Embarking on a career in health care requires an extensive amount of introspection on the part of the career-seeker. For those interested in a career in medical assisting, it is important to research the medical assistant duties and responsibilities and match those responsibilities to one’s own personality and interests. Investing in your education is a huge investment of time and money. Entering the health care field knowing exactly what to expect is critical.

If you are interested in receiving medical assistant certification, plan on spending at least eight months in formal classroom training. The Concorde medical assisting program puts graduates in real-world scenarios from Day 1, allowing you to build your resume from the time you start your program. Having real-life patient contact before you graduate will strengthen your skills and allow you to easily transition into a position after graduation.

Medical Assistant Duties and ResponsibilitiesMedical assistant duties and responsibilities vary depending on the office where you work. In your role, you might be performing clinical and administrative functions in a variety of settings, including clinics and physicians’ offices. On a daily basis, medical assistants will do everything from answering telephone calls, answering basic patient inquiries and act as a liaison between the patient and doctor. Medical assistants are often responsible for updating and filing patients’ records, working with insurance companies and handling billing. Outside of administrative tasks, medical assistants work quite closely with patients, recording vital signs and taking patients’ medical histories.

Medical assistants must be comfortable interacting with patients on a personal level. Depending on the state, a medical assistant may be responsible for drawing blood, preparing patients for X-rays, removing sutures and other tasks that require a certain level of comfort with blood and bodily fluids.

Before investing in the process of becoming a medical assistant, it is important to research medical assistant duties and responsibilities.

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