Medical Assistant Course

Medical assisting is a wise investment for individuals who are interested in entering an allied health profession. Unlike the path to becoming a registered nurse, respiratory therapist, physical therapist and other allied health professions that require at least two years of schooling, a certificate in medical assisting can be earned in as few as eight months. Medical assisting training is ideal for individuals who feel called to work in health care but who need to be career-ready in a reasonable amount of time.

Due to the clinical nature of a medical assisting education, students in medical assisting programs get a real sense of what the career is like from the time they start their very first medical assistant course. With hands-on clinical experiences, students begin building their resumes before they graduate from the program, making them viable candidates for positions once they complete the training. From the moment you begin your first medical assistant course, you will begin to think and act like a professional, clinically-trained medical assistant.

Medical Assistant CourseWhat does a career in medical assisting entail? The demands of the position will vary depending on the location, size and specialty of the health care facility. Additionally, it is important to note that in some states, medical assistants have an expanded role and are legally permitted to draw blood and give injections. Medical assistants must have a certain level of comfort with touching patients, as they will be preparing patients for exams and assisting physicians with procedures. Strong interpersonal skills are also necessary in this career, as medical assistants handle sensitive, confidential patient information and are expected to interact with patients in an empathetic, caring way. A medical assistant is also part educator, as they explain treatment procedures to their patients and instruct patients on medications and special diets.

If you are interested in the medical assisting career, start with a medical assistant course. Within as few as eight months, you can obtain a medical assisting certificate, making it an ideal career for individuals who need to be career-ready soon.

Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?