Medical Assistant Certification

If you are exploring careers in the health care field, consider starting with a medical assistant certification from Concorde Career College. Usually working in close contact with physicians and nurses, medical assisting is a challenging and rewarding career.

Are you thinking of pursuing a medical assistant certification? If so, there are a few key considerations you must make before making the commitment. The first question you must ask yourself is, can I work in close contact with individuals who are ill or in pain? Strangely enough, many students who embark on a medical assistant certification self-select out when that first clinical, real-life experience rolls around. The student realizes that he or she cannot handle the sight of blood and does not feel comfortable handling other peoples’ bodily fluids. Considering the on-the-job realities is important before investing your time in this program. A friendly, warm demeanor is especially important in a career as a medical assistant.

medical assistant certification

In a typical day, a medical assistant will do everything from record patients’ medical histories, collect medical background information from patients, show patients to the exam room and carry out any orders by the physician. Strong interpersonal skills are important for a medical assistant, as they are responsible for putting patients at ease, as well as working in close proximity with the physician.

Medical assisting is a perfect career for someone who wants to work in a rapidly-evolving field. The job outlook for careers in medical assisting and health care at large is bright. When you invest time and money in your education, you want to make certain that there is going to be a strong return on your investment. For this reason, many individuals starting a career or transitioning into a new field are choosing health care.



Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?