Dental Hygienist Schools

Dental hygiene is a challenging, flexible and evolving field within health care. A dental hygienist wears many hats – as an educator, clinician and caregiver. A career in dental hygiene is appealing for many different reasons, including the ability to set your own hours, work part-time or full-time, the opportunity to work with patients from many walks of life, and the opportunity to work in a field that constantly is changing with the advent of new technologies.

If you are friendly, compassionate and empathetic, then chances are you are a natural fit for the career, and the dental hygiene program at Concorde might be right for you. Many individuals experience high levels of anxiety when they visit a dental office. A dental hygienist plays a pivotal role in keeping patients comfortable and secure in addition to assisting the dentist during routine procedures.

Dental Hygienist SchoolAs a dental hygienist, you work with individuals from all walks of life. You might clean the teeth of a child, an elderly man and a female with special needs. With a spirit of service, you will teach individuals how to effectively brush teeth, floss and properly care for gums. You will assess a patient’s oral health, review their health history, screen for oral cancer, take X-rays, and remove plaque from surfaces of the teeth and in some offices carry out administrative tasks as well. An adaptable and flexible personality is particularly important in this career field.

Compared with the schooling required for other health care careers, dental hygienist school is relatively short, requiring an associate’s degree. In Concorde’s dental hygiene program, individuals will learn about oral health in a traditional classroom setting in addition to receiving clinical, hands-on training. Licensure is required to practice in all states as a dental hygienist, and roles and responsibilities vary by states as well.

A career in dental hygiene has many intrinsic rewards and can be one of the most personally rewarding careers within health care because of the flexibility in schedule. If this looks good to you, the time is right to check out Concorde’s dental hygiene program.


Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?