Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Training

For more than 60 years, Concorde has offered vocational training for careers in the growing field of health care. We’ve prepared thousands upon thousands of people for fresh starts and rewarding health care careers in some of the most in-demand, fastest-growing fields in health care – and, the entire U.S. workforce. We have more than 20 programs that focus on providing educational and vocational health care training.

Health Care Careers

With 16 campuses in eight states across the U.S., Concorde has just the program and support structure you need for a successful future. Our programs are institutionally accredited by either the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) or Council on Occupational Education (COE), both recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Surgical Tech Training – Surgical tech training is an ideal path for anyone interested in a health care profession that is technical, fast-paced and hands-on. Can often be completed in as few as 1-2 years of formalized, structured training.

Become a Dental Hygienist – If you’re looking into a career in the dental fields, or becoming a dental hygienist, Concorde may be the right fit for your schedule and career path change. Read more about dental hygienists.

Dental Hygienist School – Concorde’s dental hygienist school is designed to make sure you’re ready for the real-world tasks in a dental office. Students enjoy the science work and more within the real-life classroom environment.

Respiratory Therapy Certification – One of the most rewarding aspects of being a respiratory therapist is developing close relationships with your patients. Patience, kindness, respect and good ethics are all required.

Health Care Administration Courses – There are a few different types of training courses in the healthcare field, if you’re looking for health care administration courses, Concorde Career Colleges is the place to be.

Health Care Administration Schools – Respiratory therapy may be the right fit for you, with Concorde’s Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration. Read more on some of the benefits of training for the health care industry.

Massage Therapy Certification – If you’re looking to work on your own, or looking for a change in your career, getting trained to be a massage therapist can come with many benefits. Check out Concorde’s massage therapy programs.

Massage Therapy Schools – There are many massage therapy schools across the US. Come train with one of the best resources in the country, Concorde Career Colleges. Click on campuses to see a location near you.

Medical Office Specialist – Are you looking to train as a medical office specialist? Do you know what this career entails? Get real-world training at Concorde Career Colleges. See what it’s like to work behind the scenes.

Respiratory Therapy Programs – Are you thinking of a new career path? Thinking about becoming a respiratory therapist assistant? Read more on what it takes to get certified and start your new career.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Schools – Our programs give students the skills they need to become supportive and a competent clinician. Work closely with occupational therapists helping with rehabilitation plans.

Radiologic Technology Schools – If you’re looking to become a radiologic technologist, also called radiographers, you’ll want to consider the normal day to day tasks. X-rays, MRI’s and other high tech duties are learned.

Bachelors in Health Care Administration – Healthcare administrators usually work in group medical practices, nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals. A bachelors degree is all that you need, but many go on to get their Masters.

Medical Office Professional – There are many duties of a medical office professional. Billing, paperwork, and other administrative tasks on a daily basis. Duties include scheduling appointments, updating records, working with insurance companies and more.

How to become an Occupational Therapist Assistant – If you’re looking to become an occupational therapist assistant, you’ll be providing healing and hope to patients across the lifespan. Workplaces include homes and hospitals.

Pharmacy Tech Schools – A fun and demanding job in the health care industry. Assemble medicines for prescriptions, provide patients with feedback and instructions, and work along site the pharmacist.

Radiology Technician Schools – Radiology technician schools and programs get you started down the right path into a much-needed and exciting new career. Read about how easy it is to get started.

Pharmacy Technician Training – Get hands on training in your new path to a fun and rewarding career. If you’re looking for pharmacy technician training, Concorde may be just the perfect fit for you.

Dental Hygienist College – A Dental Hygienist is a solid healthcare career to pursue. The normal time for training is about two years, and then you must obtain a license in order to work. Find out more at Concorde.

Health Care Training Programs – Concorde Career Colleges has a vast assortment of health care training programs. Nursing, dental, pharmacy technicians, and much more. Choose the right training program for you.

Become a Physical Therapist Assistant – Do you like working hands on with patients? Enjoy working side by side with doctors and training staff? A physical therapist assistant career may just be for you.

Pharmacy Technician Schools – If you’re looking for a new career within the health care arena, training to be a pharmacy technician may be the right choice for you to follow.

Medical Office Administration Training – Students often ask what they’ll be learning while going through medical office administration training such as reports, scheduling appointments, verifying insurance and much more.

Looking for a Career in Healthcare? – If you’re looking into a career in healthcare, you’re in luck. Health care professions are expected to grow more in the next few decades. We have many healthcare programs at Concorde.

Health Care Training – Health care training can mean a number of things. Depending on what you’re interested in, whether it be dental, nursing, massage therapy, Concorde Career Colleges has you covered.

Finding a Good Medical Assistant Course – When looking for a good medical assistant course, you’ll get hands on clinical instruction and expertise from the very start of your training.

Physical Therapist Assistant Training – If you are wondering what physical therapist assistant training includes, there are many things to consider. You’ll be working directly under a physical therapist and enjoy a thriving career.

What Does a Medical Assistant Do? – If you’re thinking about a career change and want to know what a medical assistants does, there are many daily functions that will keep you busy in a clinic or hospital.

Respiratory Therapist Education – If you are interested in health care careers, consider respiratory therapist education. Serve your community and find both personal and professional fulfillment

Nursing Degree Program – Pursuing a two-year nursing degree is not an endeavor to take lightly. Finding the right nursing degree program can be a challenge for entry-level nurses looking to acquire new skills and gain additional licensure

Dental Hygienist Degree – There are many choices with the health care field to start a new career path, or two “enhance” what you already know. The dental field is growing, find out how easy it is to become a dental hygienist.

Medical Office Assistant Programs – If you are considering a fast-paced career that allows you to work closely with individuals in a helping role within your community, you might want to look more closely at medical office assistant programs

Medical Office Administration – Concorde Career College is where many students start their journey in their medical office administration career. Students receive hands-on training in the practical aspects of the career.

Medical Assistant Duties and Responsibilities – For those interested in a career in medical assisting, it is important to research the medical assistant duties and responsibilities and match those responsibilities to one’s own personality and interests.

How to Become a Dental Assistant – Now that you are interested, you might be wondering how to become a dental assistant. The education is quite straightforward. The most common career path starts with a postsecondary certificate in dental assisting

Looking for a 2 Year Nursing Program? – If you are considering starting a two-year nursing program, Concorde has a strong program that lends itself well to students who are embarking on both a first-time career

Medical Office Assistant Classes – The process of gaining medical office assistant certification should be enjoyable and personally gratifying. Another part to look into is the variety of medical office administration schools in the country

Surgical Tech School – Are you looking for a career supporting physicians, nurses and patients in what can be life-and-death circumstances? Being a Surgical Technologist places you on the front lines of critical health care.

Surgical Technologist – Train for a career on the front lines of life-and-death health care in a relatively short time. Learn to work with an interdisciplinary team of surgeons, nurses and technicians in an exciting, fast-paced setting.

Dental Assistant Programs – Concorde is committed to preparing you to offer the highest level of dental care in as few as eight months. The curriculum immerses you in the practical aspects of providing dental patient care in a hands-on environment.

What is a Lab Technician – If you are interested in not working one-on-one with patients, but rather behind the scenes in a laboratory setting, Concorde’s Medical Laboratory Technician program is for you. You’ll be fully prepared to perform lab testing in a diagnostic setting using a variety of methods and biotechnology.

Two Year Nursing Degree – Through a career in nursing, you can positively impact the lives of those in your community. At the same time, you’ll feel a sense of achievement doing meaningful work in the health care field.

Associates Degree in Nursing – Concorde’s Nursing associate’s programs provide courses that equip you from Day 1 through career-ready training and education. You can achieve your associate’s degree in Nursing in as few as 16 months.

Dental Hygienist Schools – Being a dental hygienist is challenging, but also a flexible and growing field in the health care industry. Work with all individuals from all walks of life, young to old, all with a smile on your face.

Medical Office Assistant – As a Medical Office Assistant, you can provide comprehensive administrative support to physicians and patients in a variety of medical office settings. Our coursework intersects classroom theory with hands-on training for an immersive learning experience.

Dental Assistant Training – You can start training in Concorde’s Dental Assistant programs that help you achieve your exciting future in health care in a short time. Upon completion of the program, you will be prepared to take the licensing exam to qualify for employment in this field.

Respiratory Therapist School – You will train to help patients with one of the basics of human life – to breathe. You will learn to provide vital breathing treatments to newborns, trauma victims, drowning victims, patients suffering from lung and heart conditions and more.

Dental Assistant Programs – The work of a Dental Assistant is exacting, especially relating to instrument sterilization, room preparation, instrument passes to the dentist and measuring dental materials. You must be detail-oriented, and Concorde’s program will train you in the fine details of the career.

Surgical Technologist Schools – Surgical Technologists work under the authority of a surgeon as a member of the operating room team. They set up the OR before surgery and assist the surgeon in all aspects of the procedure.

School for Physical Therapist Assistants – There are many things to consider before selecting the best school for physical therapist assistants. Concorde has multiple campuses, great training programs and much more.

Dental Hygienist Training – Working in a dental office may or may not be the right environment for your new career path. Before deciding where to get your dental hygienist training, research the career and schooling available.

Lab Assistant Job Description – Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs) generally work under the supervision of a physician or lab manager conducting tests on tissue, blood or bodily fluid samples to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Roughly half of all MLTs work in acute care hospitals.

Respiratory Therapist Programs – Respiratory Therapists evaluate, educate, treat and care for patients with cardio-pulmonary disorders. They practice under a physician’s direction, but most often the physician is not present.

Medical Lab Technician Programs – While roughly half of all Medical Lab Technicians work in acute care hospitals, they also can be found in medical research and public health facilities and pharmaceutical labs. The accurate recording of data is a critical element of their performance.

Medical Assistant Certification – Many Medical Assistants continue their education progressing to higher levels of certification such as Certified Medical Assistant or Registered Medical Assistant. Having earned at least an associate’s degree, many Mas become medical assistant educators.

Certified Respiratory Therapist – Graduates of an accredited Respiratory Therapist program such as Concorde’s must then pass a national or state exam which in many instances will be the Certified Respiratory Therapist Exam, administered by the National Board for Respiratory Care.

Accredited Dental Assistant Schools – Your dreams of a career in dental care can be converted into a life-changing mission through high-level support of dental health. Upon completion of this program, graduates are prepared to take the licensing exam to qualify for employment in the field.

Medical Office Administration Schools – Medical Office Administration comprises all of the non-clinical, non-management activities in a patient-care setting such as a physician’s office, rehabilitation clinic or hospital. The ideal MOA enjoys interacting with the public, has excellent oral communication skills and is detailed, organized and empathetic.

Medical Laboratory Technician Certification – A good Medical Laboratory Technician is both a scientist and clinical detective. Their focus is on science, and they take great pride in the knowledge they accumulate over time in the fast-expanding medical field.

Medical Assistant Training – If you’re looking for a change in your career, medical assistant training is relatively short compared to others in the same industry. We have the perfect training courses for you

Physical Therapy Degree – Thinking about getting a degree in physical therapist assisting? It’s becoming more and more popular and we have courses setup that will get you on your new career path quickley.

Medical Assistant Degree – Medical assisting can be a fun degree and training to get. Some medical assistants may even say they get some of the best perks of the healthcare industry. Read more on medical assisting training.

Respiratory Therapist Training – More and more people are changing career paths overnight. Making that decision to jump into the healthcare industry because of the training available. Respiratory therapist training is pretty short.

Health Care Degrees – There are many health care degrees out there that people are choosing to go after. Some degrees require more time than others, some require additional schooling, and job security is on the rise.




Are you a practicing Respiratory Therapist with an Associate's degree, which is a pre-requisite for this program?