4 sure-fire tips for avoiding the flu this year


It is the nature of working in the health care industry that you will come in contact with a much higher percentage of sick people on a daily basis than the average person. With the flu season quickly approaching, it is a good idea to start preparing now in order to avoid illness later. By taking a few common-sense precautions, you are able to lower your susceptibility to getting sick while still being able to help your patients.


1. Get your flu shot. The CDC strongly recommends that everyone who works in the health care fields, including health care workers who do not come in direct contact with patients, receive a current flu vaccine. During the 2013 – 2014 flu season, more than 90 percent of physicians and nurses received a vaccination.
2. Maintain strict hygiene. Wash your hands frequently and correctly, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Always wear disposable gloves. and avoid touching your face. In high-risk areas, wearing a surgical mask can help you from catching and spreading the flu.
3. Keep things clean. Make sure that every surface is cleaned and disinfected regularly. Don’t share your co-worker’s computer, phone or food. Make sure used tissues and paper towels are disposed correctly, and that plates, cups and utensils are immediately washed and dried after use.
4. Treat yourself well. A rundown immune system makes it easier to get sick. Keep your immune system strong by getting enough regular sleep, eating a nutritious diet, and staying hydrated. Reducing your stress levels and exercising can help to prevent you from feeling rundown and may strengthen your immunity against getting the flu.

Do you follow the advice you give your patients — get enough sleep, keep exercising, keep your environment clean — to fend off flu? Let your health care training at Concorde help reinforce these healthy ideals.

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